On the way to my first million: Domain Parking

March 8, 2009

I have been thinking about monetizing my old blog domains explicitknowledge.de and uselessknowledge.de quite a while and this weekend I came to the conclusion that I should give it a try.

It was a piece of cake to set up an account with sedo, a domain parking provider. I suppose at least 90% of the domain parking sites I recently visited (and immediately clicked away) were powered by sedo (hopefully the visitors of my two sites will click the ads instead).

Anyway, it’s a win-win-situation for me. I didn’t want to pay for webspace anymore so my old hosting provider exclusively watched over my two domains for the last year. I liked them that much that I rather paid 6 € a year than giving them away.

Now I might even earn money and eventually someone will offer me a helluva lot of money and in that case I will reconsider giving them away. So, dear future buyers please voice your offers!


Work, work, work

March 4, 2009

Hello there, I know the relaunch did not work properly. I was just too busy or shall I say lazy? But that wouldn’t be true, because I actually have been working.

I finished all my applications for EVS projects and sending organisations even before chrismas (i always have to wonder how to write the word and I always end up looking it up in a dictionary – i should try to remember xmas, that’s easier: 3 letters less).

In January I volunteered to organise the midstay camp for our guest students from Aachen, Bonn, Cologne & Siegen. It was a helluva fun as always. Truly, some work in advance: calling parents, parents calling me, calling the youth hostel people and organising everything. I hope I will be able to lead their last camp somewhen in June, because that would be the last time I will be able to see most of them! After all, there from Turkey, USA, China and many other countries.

Later in January, I was invited to Bonn and Hannover by AFS and IJGD, two sending organisations for EVS. That way, I was able to hitchhike to and visit Hannover, or more precisely, to Hildeshim, because that was were I stayed at a friends place and had a great time.

I also applied for another project in Warsawa with the organisation FNPF an organisation for the Polish-German reconciliation. And they seemed to be very pleased with my application, so I would have had a secure EVS placement there. However, I hesitated due to the fact that I still had not heared from my most favourite organisation which would send me to South East Europe: Serbia, Bosnia i Herzogowina or Kosovo. To be honest at that time I hadn’t even sent my application.

Now I am waiting for their pending invitation to an interview the weekend after. I negotiated with FPNF and they will wait until I get my response.I also applied for an organisation which is to be AFS in Croatia, but their placement hasn’t yet been granted the funds of European Comission.

To summarize, I will hopefully know where I am going to go in about weeks. I will keep you up-to-date. See ya!

Back to the basics

November 17, 2008

Hello there!

I haven’t been writing anything for a long time. Basically, the reason is that I am incredibly lazy. Still, there is a bit more to it. I am in my last year at school and I actually have to spend a little time doing school work. Further on, there is my unsatisfiable desire to get around, get to know new people and discover ancient long-forgotten cultures (for example, my last hitchhike took me to the Bavarians). Not to mention that I commit a lot of my spare time to the two exchange organisations AFS and YFU.

However, I have been getting increasingly unsatisfied with my English skills and especially my ability to express myself. So I thought it was an exellent idea to resurrect this old blog of mine bearing in mind that there are the A-level exams (Abitur) looming ahead.

I haven’t made up my mind what’s going to be the main topic for this new blogging area. I am sure I will be sharing various stories with you my dear readers. I still have some untold stories about my last hitchhiking trips in my repertoire and I constantly experiment with my ubuntu distribution. Let’s just see what inspires me …

From Berlin to Aachen for just 2,40

January 5, 2008

During the last two weeks I travelled around quite a lot. Brussels, Hamburg & Berlin in less than 10 days. The nice thing about it were the three amazing cities, three different cultures and three different kinds of people  in such a short time. The bad point was just not enough time to fully experience these cities.  However it was a great time.

Starting in Brussels. Together with eight of my friends I visited a friend of ours living in Brussels. It was an unbelievable advantage having a place to stay and and a very experienced city and night-life guide for free. Still, Brussels is a place where you can spend lots and lots of your hard earned salaries. But a large shopping mall, des beaux Cafés, some nice pubs and especially le Goupil le fol were worth it.

A friend of mine and his family visiting the older sister and her boyfriend took me with them to Hamburg. My friend and I had acquired free accommodation due to the help of the hospitality club (by the way a great community – you should try it out). However, the parents had planned in the grandparents which, being ill, stayed at home, so that we had to take the free room which was quite expensive in the end. However, we had our fun visiting the reeperbahn and some sights in Hamburg.

Without my friend I visited a friend of mine living between Hamburg and Lübeck.  I hadn’t seen her for a while and I really enjoyed my stay there. But I had planned to await New Year in Berlin so I had to go on.

At this point I started to hitch hike. There is a bus line from Hamburg to Berlin and if you book it one week in advance it costs just 9 Euro. But I wanted to stay flexible and decided to try hitch hiking. It worked out well, I came in time to party with my friends in Berlin where I stayed a few days. The way back home I wanted to try it again. I looked up recommendations on where to start and decided to take a train to Michendorf near Potsdam (for just 2,40 ;-) )where a rest stop is near the train station. After having waited just 10 to 15 minutes I had a ride to the Hannover. At the rest stop there which was filled with people it seemed to be more difficult. However, I had luck again. I spotted a car with the license plate AC – Aachen and asked the drivers whether they had some place left for me. The two Poles agreed and I was on the way to Aachen. Couldn’t have been better ….

How to explain Ubuntu

November 30, 2007

I found a great metaphor which explains Ubuntu and the open source idea in an easy way and very comprehensible. I won’t tell spoil anything – look it up yourself ;-)

By the way I am deeply impressed by the newest Ubuntu release. It’s just amazing. Try it out. Definitely!

Non stop, full-stop

October 16, 2007

A long time has been passed since I wrote my last entry. However, I have a good excuse. A very good one.

First, I have had autumn holiday and I have been to Turkey with my family. Four days in Istanbul and 8 days in a relaxing all-inclusive pool landscape. The latter was a lot of fun, as I met a couple of nice guys from Switzerland and Russia there.

Then school started again, the Cambridge CAE course started and I started to work after school on some days. So now I’m whizzing around somewhere non-stop and can’t even catch a short break in the evenings, due to the lot of home- and other work I still need to complete.

But I don’t want to complain – the course is great, a lot of fun. The teacher is from the US, I forgot from where exactly. CAE is accomplishable. And we are good supported. As she put it: “This is not like school. Not teacher against you, but we all against Cambridge.”

A special kind of humor

September 7, 2007

I just spotted a hilarious entry in the world’s freest encyclopedia. It gave me a very sentimental feeling, but I couldn’t stop laughing for quite a while.  They do have a very special kind of humor. Even in Latvia they know it, although there are some arguments between Latvians and Russians…

The two sides of learning at school

September 5, 2007

After 4 weeks of school I’m kind of used again to weaking up early, sleeping less and lesser, reduced free time and even ways to seldomly going out on weekends.

On the other hand learning can be (and I truly mean it) enlightening. We got some teachers I don’t like, or don’t like to much, but that is bearable (most of the time). History is interesting (teacher sucks ass – I spend half of the time trying to overlook this fact), Literature is even more interesting, I don’t even need to mention Informatics, PE, what else is there left? Religion too (after all, I’am a convinced atheist), Maths (my  2nd Advanced course).

English courses especially are usually a hell of a fun. I would have preferred the 2nd English Advanced course’s students, because most of them have been abroad (California, Australia), but our teacher is ways better, the other course is complaining all the time . Not to mention a friend of mine who had to change due to some class schedule mistakes.

It’s demanding too – more or less at least. Homework is demanding, the lessons sometimes are easy-peasy and to slow paced.

In the last lessons, our teacher got a bit of a reading-texts-spleen – read this, read that. Interpret this, summarize that and don’t forget evaluating!

This can be a pain in the ass. On some days it is easy to make up my mind and write some interpretation or to sum up a text and it’s fun too – after all I really like the English language, reading and  so on.

However, at least half of the other days (probably more) I’m extremely dull after school and it’s hart even to write the last bit of a lousy summarize. And that’s just English – to counting everything together it’s probably about 400% of the other days ;-)

Still, I prefer all kinds of English homework a helluva times to doing German interpretation work. Poems, poems, poems. Right now I should have done one, probably instead of writing this. I didn’t. Fuck it, exactly that is school.

Learning English again

September 1, 2007

My abroad year is over, so I decided to focus on some other thing now: Learning English. As I wrote, I’m in an English Advanced course at school and to make thinks even more interesting I signed up for a preparation course for the CAE Certificate at an evening school.
I got two reasons signing up. Firstly, I did the FCE certificate this year in April (or was it March?) and at school they now offer a preparation course for it. I already did it, so why shouldn’t I try the next one?

Secondly, I love my English Advanced course, but it is not as demanding as I had hoped for.

Lot of reasons to write on this blog how my learning is going on. When I read the first posts I wrote about two years ago I can gladly tell, that I improved a hell of a lot. Now it’s time to continue writing more frequently to brush up my writing skills and maybe I should start again reading a few English books.

School started

August 15, 2007

I need a  break! I just spent 10 days at school, but I’m already done. I sleep about 8 hours each night (or even more), but I am tired anyway. ALL the time.

At least the Advanced English course seems nice. Some pupils to whom I wouldn’t have recommended to choose English, but that’s okay. Not the teacher I hoped for – my 7th & 8th teacher and the best one ever – but another teacher and she’s okay as well.

It probably will be hard, it will be challenging, it will be a hell of a lot of work – but it definitely will be fun.