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Non stop, full-stop

October 16, 2007

A long time has been passed since I wrote my last entry. However, I have a good excuse. A very good one.

First, I have had autumn holiday and I have been to Turkey with my family. Four days in Istanbul and 8 days in a relaxing all-inclusive pool landscape. The latter was a lot of fun, as I met a couple of nice guys from Switzerland and Russia there.

Then school started again, the Cambridge CAE course started and I started to work after school on some days. So now I’m whizzing around somewhere non-stop and can’t even catch a short break in the evenings, due to the lot of home- and other work I still need to complete.

But I don’t want to complain – the course is great, a lot of fun. The teacher is from the US, I forgot from where exactly. CAE is accomplishable. And we are good supported. As she put it: “This is not like school. Not teacher against you, but we all against Cambridge.”


The two sides of learning at school

September 5, 2007

After 4 weeks of school I’m kind of used again to weaking up early, sleeping less and lesser, reduced free time and even ways to seldomly going out on weekends.

On the other hand learning can be (and I truly mean it) enlightening. We got some teachers I don’t like, or don’t like to much, but that is bearable (most of the time). History is interesting (teacher sucks ass – I spend half of the time trying to overlook this fact), Literature is even more interesting, I don’t even need to mention Informatics, PE, what else is there left? Religion too (after all, I’am a convinced atheist), Maths (my  2nd Advanced course).

English courses especially are usually a hell of a fun. I would have preferred the 2nd English Advanced course’s students, because most of them have been abroad (California, Australia), but our teacher is ways better, the other course is complaining all the time . Not to mention a friend of mine who had to change due to some class schedule mistakes.

It’s demanding too – more or less at least. Homework is demanding, the lessons sometimes are easy-peasy and to slow paced.

In the last lessons, our teacher got a bit of a reading-texts-spleen – read this, read that. Interpret this, summarize that and don’t forget evaluating!

This can be a pain in the ass. On some days it is easy to make up my mind and write some interpretation or to sum up a text and it’s fun too – after all I really like the English language, reading and  so on.

However, at least half of the other days (probably more) I’m extremely dull after school and it’s hart even to write the last bit of a lousy summarize. And that’s just English – to counting everything together it’s probably about 400% of the other days ;-)

Still, I prefer all kinds of English homework a helluva times to doing German interpretation work. Poems, poems, poems. Right now I should have done one, probably instead of writing this. I didn’t. Fuck it, exactly that is school.

Learning English again

September 1, 2007

My abroad year is over, so I decided to focus on some other thing now: Learning English. As I wrote, I’m in an English Advanced course at school and to make thinks even more interesting I signed up for a preparation course for the CAE Certificate at an evening school.
I got two reasons signing up. Firstly, I did the FCE certificate this year in April (or was it March?) and at school they now offer a preparation course for it. I already did it, so why shouldn’t I try the next one?

Secondly, I love my English Advanced course, but it is not as demanding as I had hoped for.

Lot of reasons to write on this blog how my learning is going on. When I read the first posts I wrote about two years ago I can gladly tell, that I improved a hell of a lot. Now it’s time to continue writing more frequently to brush up my writing skills and maybe I should start again reading a few English books.

School started

August 15, 2007

I need a  break! I just spent 10 days at school, but I’m already done. I sleep about 8 hours each night (or even more), but I am tired anyway. ALL the time.

At least the Advanced English course seems nice. Some pupils to whom I wouldn’t have recommended to choose English, but that’s okay. Not the teacher I hoped for – my 7th & 8th teacher and the best one ever – but another teacher and she’s okay as well.

It probably will be hard, it will be challenging, it will be a hell of a lot of work – but it definitely will be fun.

Exam, exam, exam …

March 9, 2007

In about 5 hours I am going to sit in the exam room, trying to get the most out of my brain. Cambridge exam, precisely called FCE (First Certificate in English) and on today’s timetable stands the Listening and Speaking part.  Tomorrow it continues with Reading (easy peasy), Grammar (bit tougher) and Writing. Probably the toughest part.

I haven’t been nervous a single time all the last week, but yesterday, trying hard to fell asleep, there it was. I feel a bit jumpily still and I think it won’t go away until I’ll sit there concentrating on the exam. By the way, it was exactly the same the day, or rather the day before, I flew to Latvia. Not a single sign all the days before and then, in one moment a rush of feelings. Kind of my nature.


April 7, 2006

Two weeks of holidays. Which means: Sleeping every day until noon, no school & fucking bad teachers nor homework nor learning, having non-stop fun with friends, be lazy as hell, hit on girls, parties & celebration, climbing & snowboarding and so much more. To start, a weekend preparation for the exchange with AFS (observing readers might notice that I go with YFU – indeed, nevertheless I take part in this weekend)! Gsus, that's gonna be fun!

English Theater

March 16, 2006

I  was invited to acompany a friend to an English theater play, President by Chance. Yesterday evening we were there, it was great. I could understand nearly every word and when I didn’t, it was because I didn’t got it acustically (or later, after the break also as a lack of concentration – I hadn’t eaten anything since around 14:00 and we drunk some sparkling whine. For my empty stomach a little to much). Okay, the actors weren’t professionals nor was their English like a native speaker’s.

Afterwards I remember my first English theater play I attended in school. It was when we had our nice English teacher. They were professionals and mother tongues. I can’t remember much of the play itself (it was about drugs or so), but I still know I understand not that much. It was of course special play for pupils with dialogs written in an easy way. I understand the story, seeing the visually part of the play. But I got only fragments of the dialogs.

So I’m know proud to see I have improved. I could recall the story but I’m a bit short in time, maybe later.

A long time

February 1, 2006

I’m back again and my computer works again. I was on school vacation and it was great. My Linux Bootloader Grub suddenly didn’t work but it suddenly worked again and I was happy, because I feared the worst. More tomorrow or so. To be continued.

What teachers tell

January 13, 2006

Yesterday we had a supply teacher for our English lesson. It was an old one I wouldn’t want to have as a regular teacher. By the way our actual English teacher is a bitch. I can say for myself that I have improved my English skills, even not in school. But some others don’t … back to topic. Back to this teacher. I think he’s very stubborn (does that fit ? I don’t know), but he said something I totally agree. He said, one could learn as much as he could in school, but to improve your English, you have to read. Exactly what I am doing! And I see, it’s right. Especially if you got that old bitch I wrote some lines above you would not learn anything at all. I mean, she’s not that bad as a teacher. A few friends, included me, had to do some extra work for punishment. She distributed some newspaper to all of us and we should choose one topic and sum it up. The best English lesson we ever had with her. In usual lessons we do one boring textbook exercise after another. By the way, all school books are boring as hell. I don’t know why some who creates these books can think they were educational. Okay, I drifted totally from this supply teacher, but who cares. I’ll just continue. After all, we only have one genius English teacher at our school I know. At least for lower grades. But I think I mentioned her before. Hm, I should rename this post. But I won’t. Happy weekend, I’m sure I’ll have one.