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A Blizzard love/hate-story II

February 10, 2006

It’s time to continue part I. And I realized it’s no god idea to stop while posting and continue later, I lost some ideas.

Okay, my World of Warcraft copy came home and the beta started. That was great. We enjoyed to play together. We discovered every day new parts of Azeroth, the Warcraft universe. The beta ended and we continued. Some time it was the same: New people, new land, new quests every day. But hm, okay, there were negative aspects too: The ‘kiddies’. People who behaved in a odd way destroying the game feeling. We changed from our server to a Role Playing Server. That was better. At least at first. I never played anything like this before, so I had to learn the rules. I did. Other people didn’t. Some didn’t (still don’t) know what this special kind of server was all about. Others came to our server because they knew the game atmosphere was better than on other servers, less kiddies.

There came more and more players. The percentage of ‘real’ (it was and is difficult to define a Role Player) Role Players as one I learned to be in comparsion with ignorants, unknowing people or just assholes who wanted to disturb Role Players decreased. There were (and still are some) great Role Players out there who did a lot to prevent it, they were innovative and creative and wrote some plugins for a better communication and identification of role players or who were (again maybe still are, I don’t know) active in official forums. If you read this (what I don’t anticipate) I would like to thank you all.

The point is, Blizzard did nothing. Nothing. (hey, what’s that ? why can’t you underline sth. with this editor ?) And I mean really nothing. Role Players asked, mailed, begged, made petitions to change some little game play settings for a better Role Play. Some ideas and suggestions would be really easy to implement. As to alert player who are about to create a new character that this realm (server) is a rp-server. Oh, yes, they did that after month of protesting. A tiny little note in your chatlog when you join the world. Veeery useful.

That’s one part of the Blizzard support especially important for Role Player. Another point is the apathetic intervention of Game Masters. They don’t do what they are supposed to. They often don’t react at all. Or only after a long waiting time, but that usually only for game bugs. Or for heavy insult. But they don’t care about rules. Especially on rp-servers, where you have special Role Playing rules (which were by the way a long time only badly translated to german and Blizzard changed that only partly, I don’t know about the actual situation) GMs should react strictly. The don’t. For example the chat channels: An issue also because it’s not really defined how the rules apply there: For some Role Player it’s not logical that you can talk with players a mile away. But no matter, people still should have some respect for Role Playing in chat channels too. I agree that in the main channels it should be allowed to talk off-topic. But the yell channel is something totally different. The unlogical point doesn’t fit here. Or players kiddies who come from another realm who is down at the moment and they are bored and try to disturb some Role Players. GMs don’t care.

The universe. WoW would be a perfect world for George W. Bush. Black & White, Good & Evil. Horde & Alliance. I think, Blizzard made this for to support the Player vs. Player part of WoW. But in my opinion it doesn’t fit into the Warcraft Universe. Warcraft used to be a world with surprising events, new characters, story changes and so on. These strict parts don’t fit. One might suggest that has something to do with a group of Blizzard employees who leaved the company to found another one. They were with Blizzard from the beginning and I think there were game and story designers too. But I don’t want to dig into this as I don’t know that much. Fact is: Blizzard mixed up the story for PvP-reason. They declared an Alliance fraction who was Horde friendly in the earlier story as arch-enemy for the Horde to have a new raid target. Deadly for a believable universe.

High level content. WoW is an endless game. In order to prevent the imba and roxxxor players (players who have the strongest and best characters on a high level) from getting bored the provide new content until the four horsemen arrive. But the Blizzard developers spend most of their time to invent new high level content. Great for these gamers. But not that great for people with less time or Role Players who don’t need to have the best and strongest characters but would be happy about new content for low level characters too.
That much to WoW. Another point maybe that Blizzard Entertainment belongs to Vivendi Universal and some changes in the ownership in 2003. It could be that Vivendi puts since more pressure on Blizzard to gain money as before. No matter that, Blizzard gains wealth with World of Warcraft and the little from 19 company has grown to a large one (stock exchange too ? I don’t know). Every little clerk is like a millionaire. I don’t know how much copies of WoW they sold. But is a huge number and they gain an exorbitant sum. So maybe the care less about some lousy Role Players now. Fact is, I don’t like the new, rich Blizzard Entertainment any more.

Wow (not WoW), what a long text :-) I don’t look over it, so please report bad grammar and mistakes. After all, I think the whole result is okay, even if I wrote the first part a week ago.


A Blizzard love/hate-story I

February 5, 2006

Warcraft III was the first Blizzard game I played and it was great. It was and is fun. Sometimes I still play it over the or local network with friends – the game is around four years old but who cares ? I didn’t knew instantly why I love this game. After wondering myself some time I recognized why. The most important fact is the Warcraft universe. The epic (background) story for the campaign. And the possibility to create and edit maps. I spend the most time in playing these fan made maps. The possiblities to implement new game play ideas are endless and so is the distraction. Or the heros, they are a glorious invention and very helpful for any map designer as one can use them very differently. There are much more reasons I can’t describe or I can’t get out of my mind. Fact is, Warcraft III provides fun for ages.

I don’t know any more when the rumors around World of Warcraft became popular. But I know, how much I got into it. A new Warcraft part! The story will go on. And: It would be an online game, a MMORPG. Wow. There were reports in every gaming magazine. The most impressions were like mine. The screenshots were fantastic. At first, I decided I couldn’t play it. I knew I would cost around 15 Euro a month. To expensive. No game for a poor student as me. Nevertheless four friends of mine convinced me to play it. What an imagination: Instead of playing a role playing game alone at home we could play it together. Okay, that was an arguement. I decided to buy it.

Okay, I will split it in severel parts, because I have no time any more. Next part.