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On the way to my first million: Domain Parking

March 8, 2009

I have been thinking about monetizing my old blog domains and quite a while and this weekend I came to the conclusion that I should give it a try.

It was a piece of cake to set up an account with sedo, a domain parking provider. I suppose at least 90% of the domain parking sites I recently visited (and immediately clicked away) were powered by sedo (hopefully the visitors of my two sites will click the ads instead).

Anyway, it’s a win-win-situation for me. I didn’t want to pay for webspace anymore so my old hosting provider exclusively watched over my two domains for the last year. I liked them that much that I rather paid 6 € a year than giving them away.

Now I might even earn money and eventually someone will offer me a helluva lot of money and in that case I will reconsider giving them away. So, dear future buyers please voice your offers!


imified for easy blogging

March 26, 2007

This is a short article, because I’m trying out which is a very useful web2.0 application, although I really had problems to figure out it’s use at the beginning. But you should really try it!

Note: It’s still very very alpha and buggy.

Still more things to discover

February 3, 2007

Today I stumbled upon a thing I had never heard before: SSI – Server Side Includes. I found a forum post explaining ten popular (and/or annoying mistakes webdesigners make. One was:

I’ve seen people who code each individual page of their site. […] While they may not know of modular/SSI-based design, I’ve personally told a few of them about it and found them not taking my advice.

Of course I didn’t wanted to belong to those ignorant people and looked it up. Wikipedia and Google, as usual. I didn’t found anything up to date about SSI. Isn’t anyone still using it in times of Web2.0? I rather liked it from the first moment on and I am definitively going to try it out.

One reason it’s not so popular (anymore?)  might be that developers nowdays trust in content managment systems. Okay, that’s a point. But I think, a site that is too small for using a CMS, can still be large enough to be a lot of work which could be reduced using SSI.

One more thing I learned today: There are still a helluva lot of things to learn. I better keep on going.

finetune – create your own radio playlist

January 4, 2007

A friend of mine just spotted aVery Interesting Idea, finetune. You can browse a directory of thousands of authors and take from each one up to 3 tracks to complete your own 45 tracks including playlist. And of course with all the webtwopointohh stuff – tagging, user profiles, playlist sharing and so on and on.

And, as it is web 2.0 – it’s still beta too (or shall I say alpha?). It’s a bit buggy too. But still, you can give it a try.

WTF? – Spam blogs steal content to generate traffic

December 13, 2006

I was looking through technorati and spotted some strange links there. Some site linking to my blog – but with my own content. Same titles, and an excerpt of my posts with a “link to the orignal article” at the end.

I had a closer look at the site – which pretends to be a free blogging service – and spotted a helluva lot more subdomain spam pages with over 5000 subdomains (just this domain, there are many more), each one pulling in one or different feeds related to some topic (topic == subdomain).

Furtheron there are a few links distributed all over these spam pages linking to various blogspot blogs which in the end leads to phentermine and similar annoying shit. Some advertisements in between too.

Don’t now what I can do about it, but I’m really pissed off. I remember the case that some site did the same, pretending to collect a blogging archive from german blogs and in the end it was somehow shot down by protesting bloggers.

Latvian’s blogger meeting

December 12, 2006

Hello there! I can call me a real blogger now, I have been to a blogger meeting. A few days ago I happened to read this post and immediately decided I should pay them a visit.

Yesterday was the meeting in the Albert Hotel Star Lounge in Riga (great view over Riga from up there). I was a bit late because I didn’t found the place at first. Luckily the organisator could help me and I came around too.

I kind of was the last one I think, about 20 people where already there (and proved a stereotype: all male and the age average would have been somewhere in  the early twenties), chatting, talking communicating in reallife, without comments, ping-backs and all that stuff (there were still a lot of laptops and damn much high class cameras). I clearly was the youngest and the only foreigner too.

Topics were broad ranged: From podcasting over flickr and blog traffic to ‘Big Brother’ Google… I hadn’t imagined I would understand so freaking much, incredible. I was a bit silent though, I should have tried to talk a bit more. Talking is not so difficult anymore, it’s just unbelievable wrong.

Altogether I’m very happy I happened to be there and I’m curious about the podcast (is it going to be a podcast (everyone had to record a statement about himself, blogging and reading other blogs or something like that)?) and about pictures, pictures! I didn’t got everyone’s name and blog due to the fact  that I was late. Hey, I know you made pictures!

I only pity myself that I paid too much for the cab, I won’t ever take one standing in front of a hotel, there they are just waiting to rob tourists.

More Keywords

November 15, 2006

I started this post a long while a go to record the most hilarious ones. Actually I don’t have the time to lock every now and then if there is a good one in the list, so just enjoy these:

is martial arts dangerous

of course, stupid!!! you can break every single bone!

Swedish is a singsong language

I don’t know, ask her. I was talking about French.

people that want to donate

Haha, great. Were it that easy, I would have searched contributors via google and I would be rich by now.

different meanings of the word fuck

It’s so interesting what people search for ….

fuck me online

Interesting how many visitors I get whose keywords contain the word ‘fuck’

onlin shops that deal in fun

spelling is difficult, isn’t it? by the way, fun is free!!

“Du kannst mich mal” english

It means something like ‘up yours’. Next time, try a dictionary.

find my icq-number

Haha! I took that one, because I always forget my icq-number too. Try a text-file or something. I usually look it up at my blog.

effects of blogging to students

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Don’t know. Do I look more like an idiot than I already did before? Or could I possibly have advanced my self?

Upgrade your blog

August 5, 2006

In the admin panel there is a new page avaible: Upgrades. The deal is simple. You buy credits and can upgrade your blog with those.

In addition to all of the free features of, we offer a few options for paid upgrades for enhanced functionality. Credits cost $1 each. The buttons below will bring you to a Paypal page where they can be purchased. We do not offer refunds on credits or products purchased on

However, the only avaible option to buy is custom CSS. Only? I think that is a very good start. Custom CSS was so often requested and in my opinion the only disadvantage of in comparison with other blog hosts.

It was a clever move to offer custom CSS for money only. I am thinking of making use of this offer for the future myself. And I’m curious what else the wordpress guys will offer.

Ubuntu Live CD – Unix again

July 13, 2006

I’m actually online using the Ubuntu Live CD. Ubuntu is indeed very neat. Thanks for your suggestion, William. But I used my brothers computer and the keyboard sucks.

Nevertheless, I should install a Unix system on my own computer again. Because Windows actually sucks a great deal more.

Maybe I try this time Ubuntu instead of Linux (i always crashed my Linux – i had it at least 4 times installed and I crashed the graphical interface since I tried to install more advanced drivers (for games of course)). I still have Linux on my main computer (with text mode only) and I can’t reinstall it, because my dvd has some scratches (I happen to destroy every cd within a short time – my Windows too).

I still need my Linux because the boot.ini files of both my Windows installations doesn’t work too. It’s still a little more complicated, but I forgot the details (I have several hard drives with and without RAID technology which isn’t supported for booting or something like this).

But I wanted to tell you something about Ubuntu (did I?).

As I said, Ubuntu is very n eat (argh, shit. I’m tired of corrcting all my mistypes – sry :D). At least what I can say about the Live CD version. As a used-to-windows user it’s strange to the the bottom bar at the top. I may wan’t to change it, but I didn’t figured out yet how to change it. THE background-image (I m doing to much CSS) wallpaper is nice too. Okay, that was an exorbitant important information, I know.

The installation is very quick and easy. AGAIn (the fucking shift button sucks most) at least the Live CD. THE real installation takes more time, that’s sure. I had only to choose my language (it suggested me countries – Germany, Swiss, Belgium, Austria etc – very nice and than a keyboard language) and it loaded a few drivers and that’s it. I didn’t took the time. Less than five minutes I think.

You can use a hell of a lot programms. D’IDNT anticipated that – with only about a cd full of disc space. Firefox of course, other internet progs like GAIM (an instant messanger) Oppen Office, GIMP and similiar stuff (for watching, scanning, ec), mail and damn much games!!!

GOMEtris is great. I LOve that name. I lay on the floor for a while, laughing. I would say about fifteen(!) games. Of course these funky games for the lunch break or when your boss pays more attentionto his new secretary.

What else to say? Various Terminals of course. DIFferent terminals. The adminstration panels look great. Some accessories like a English dictiornary. Great.

Ubuntu rocks! As all most (try mailman) OpenSOURCe software. Give it a try.

Loose change 911

May 26, 2006

I finally managed to watch Loose Change, a conspiratorial video of 911. Without having watched it, it was easy to deny the conspiracy. Now, I'm sure there is something terribly wrong, although I'm not sure wether everything happended as documented in this video. In fact, I'm no longer sure of anything.