Back to the basics

Hello there!

I haven’t been writing anything for a long time. Basically, the reason is that I am incredibly lazy. Still, there is a bit more to it. I am in my last year at school and I actually have to spend a little time doing school work. Further on, there is my unsatisfiable desire to get around, get to know new people and discover ancient long-forgotten cultures (for example, my last hitchhike took me to the Bavarians). Not to mention that I commit a lot of my spare time to the two exchange organisations AFS and YFU.

However, I have been getting increasingly unsatisfied with my English skills and especially my ability to express myself. So I thought it was an exellent idea to resurrect this old blog of mine bearing in mind that there are the A-level exams (Abitur) looming ahead.

I haven’t made up my mind what’s going to be the main topic for this new blogging area. I am sure I will be sharing various stories with you my dear readers. I still have some untold stories about my last hitchhiking trips in my repertoire and I constantly experiment with my ubuntu distribution. Let’s just see what inspires me …


One Response to “Back to the basics”

  1. annette Says:

    Was ein Zufall! Ich habe eben einfach nochmal auf diesen Link geklickt, da ich selbst vor drei Tagen wieder mit bloggen angefangen habe. Aber Du scheinst es schon wieder lassen zu wollen – schade! (sorry, aber ich habe momentan keinen Bock auf Englisch schreiben)

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