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The world’s as miserable as before, but I continue to blog

August 2, 2007

I have been a few weeks now back in Germany and I recently thought about school which is going to start in about exactly … 4 days. Oh hell! I am going to have Mathematics and English as Leistungskurs (I always tried to translate this word in various languages during various discussions, but I always failed … maybe I should look into a dictionary right now. Okay, the dictionary itself is not sure which word is to use) and I thought about my skills in both subjects.

I know that my English skill is not as good as a year ago, so I decided I ought to restart blogging more frequently. Won’t hurt anyway and as long as I’ll just gab about some bullshit every now and then I don’t waste too much time for it. Especially my vocabulary degraded like hell. So don’t wonder when I’ll try to use some exquisite vocabulary ;-)

In the end I care anyway less about English than I do about maths. I should have started to learn the stuff I missed a few weeks ago. I didn’t of course.

So school is about to start….but I finish here my entry, because the compile process of sauerbraten finished and I’ll try it out now. Have fun out there, my non-existent readers!


wordpress blogs in your language

November 21, 2006

Sometimes I spot things that were so damn obvious and I should have noticed them a long time ago. I could nearly hit myself for not noticing it, but the joy about my discovery is to great. Hot talk, yeah?

Okay, I’ll come to the point. Did you ever saw something like Basically, it’s just the normal account screen alike as But it’s in your (choosen) language! And more important, the blogs and posts it features are just in that specific language. As far as I tried, the domain ending of your country just needs to be insertet in the place of where usually the blog name is! ->

Still The Day I Broke My iPod

November 14, 2006

Life’s a bitch.

A fucking mean one, sometimes.

The Day I Broke My iPod

November 14, 2006



June 4, 2006

I'm back from my YFU preperations week – which was a great experience – but I feel very bad and I'm actually not able to write any longer post about the meeting in Hamburg. Although I'd like to.

About noon, I was just about to return after having distributed the last newspapers I was struck by a heavy migraine. I didn't recognized it at first – how could I? I never had one in my life and the sun shone in my direction so I didn't remark the flickering. It was just like looking into the sun. But when I was at home my sorrow grew, because the flickring remained. After twenty minutes I went to bed and woke up later with a terrible headache.

Later I read a few Wikipedia articles and I'm sure it is some kind of a migraine. I'd like to sleep now, but I can't, as I slept all afternoon. At least the headache is about to vanish.

Loose change 911

May 26, 2006

I finally managed to watch Loose Change, a conspiratorial video of 911. Without having watched it, it was easy to deny the conspiracy. Now, I'm sure there is something terribly wrong, although I'm not sure wether everything happended as documented in this video. In fact, I'm no longer sure of anything. 

Some kind of a review

May 11, 2006

Today I read somewhere (to be more specific, it was a blog – who guessed wrong ? Ten slaps … at least.) the following question (I would like to honor the author, but I can't remember him/her, sorry):

Which article did you like best?

And to help you a little, you could browse my archive. And to long this article (I don't like those very short articles) a short statistic of my blogging behaviour:

  • May – Four posts, including this one.
  • March – Fourteen posts.

Alltogether 43 posts with 89 comments within 23 categories. The most used category is Misc.

What else? Maybe the technorati link page. I would like to count the word within my post or something like this, but this isn't possible, as far as I know (with your own wordpress it is). I would love to hear more statistic ideas from you.

For now I have to be off – the French homework lies on my bed and smiles. (I don't like that smile – it's sly and treacherous …)

Talking Hawaiian: or how I chose and set up a wiki

May 8, 2006

Wikiwiki is Hawaiian and means something like quick or fast (just that you get the title).
I was never that much interested in wikis, I only used the English and German Wikipedia with great enthusiasm. But a friend of mine needed a wiki very urgently and offered me even a little reward to set up her wiki as quick as possible. So I did.

At first, I thought that would be easily done. It wasn't. First, she suggested Twiki, but I should do my own research. I found a very good comparison website, WikiMatrix. They have a huge database with wikis and their features and you can choose different wikis you want to compare. For those who have no clue at all (as me, at least I used to) they have a wizard, who asks you questions about your wishes and preferences and suggests you the fitting wiki systems. Very good for a novice like me.

I consulted the WikiMatrix wizard and I had only a few wiki softwares left. I looked over their features by hand and I could exclude a few more. After all, I had still PMWiki, TWiki.

Let's start with PMWiki. PMWiki is PHP based and needs no database. I tried it first with my localhost, the setup is very easy. Very easy. I thought that would fit all my needs and I transferred it to the webserver. The basic installation was the same: Very quick, very easy. As I uploaded PMWiki I wondered for the first time why it was so lightweighted: It's zipped only around 200 kilobytes large, at least without the language files. So, the basic wiki worked.

There was just one problem: My friend needed some important features, as a comfortable editor (like Worpress') and file upload and so on. And I had to change some settings. Though, that wasn't as easy as the installation. WikiMatrix said there would be an WYSIWYG editor for PMWiki, installable with a plugin. Unfortunately the wiki website denied that. Shit, that was a problem. And because the documentation is not as I wanted and needed it to be, I kicked PMWiki's butt and said goodbye. Next one.

Second try: TWiki. TWiki needs no database, as PMWiki. It is written in Perl. I didn't knew anything about Perl and I still don't. Nevertheless I tried it. But I could install it. It seemed easy too, but I had one little problem, on my localhost as on the webserver: The Perl scripts wouldn't work. I don't know why. The wiki has a subdirectory with Perl scripts called 'bin'. The Perl scripts are stored there and they have no file extension. The TWiki documentation suggests, that you may have to change the file extension. I tried several possibilities (e.g. .pl) and I even changed the Perl directory path (?) at the beginning of every file from !/usr/bin/perl -w to another possibility, once for my localhost installation and once for the webserver. Although TWiki seems to be a nice wiki software, I dumped it.

Damn, I didn't knew what to do. I consulted the WikiMatrix wizard again, but with less restrictions. I then spotted MediaWiki. And of course, I knew the software already!!! Do you? You have too, as it is the software Wikipedia uses. I then knew, that I had to get this software to work. And I did.

The installation was a child's play. You have to upload the files (MediaWiki is very large) and configure the database installation with any kind of a webbrowser. Now, the MediaWiki works. I don't want to digg into it, because the documentation for this wiki is very good. I mean, it's an Wikimedia project ;-)

After all, I took some more time to configure the wiki, because you have so many possibilities and it's unlikely that your config file is ready to use (I mean to use – the wiki worked from scratch on) after your first try.
By the way, I created a Wikipedia account when I had finished ;-)

Random notes

May 5, 2006

Shit, I am tired … tomorrow (or to be exact, later today) I'll continue to write the article I wanted to publish now.

Update: I won't make it today … :-(

More about me

April 3, 2006

I felt like adding something more two the about page. It's done, but there're still many important informations missing. So what, more soon(er or later).