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It’s time to go

June 28, 2007

Finally, my time in Latvia is over. Tomorrow at 2 o’ clock the airplane goes to Berlin over Frankfurt and I won’t ever be able to come back …. okay, just a joke … so be prepared, I will be back!


One year blogging

January 7, 2007

One year ago I started this blog. And I have to correct myself: I started blogging ways earlier, it’s just that this blog celebrates it’s first anual birthday.

Some kind of resolution wanted? Okay, I’ll give it a try. Although the idea came a bit later (i just registered the blog to test I though I could use this blog to use and improve my English. And have fun doing it. That’s all.

I  fullfilled my aim. Absolutely. Although I can’t really say if it’s all just the blog – I read I lot of books too (to be exactly I kind a read nearly only English books) and I spoke English at the beginning in Latvia. So somehow it works all together but I think the blog was a milestone.

Did I had fun? Yeah. It’s especially obvious looking at my ultra long posts. I just started writing and couldn’t stop anymore.

What else? I would have enjoyed a few more comments, but as this isn’t an A-blog (rather ranking D to F) I can’t expect there too much. I didn’t want to push the traffic anyway.

General resolution: I’m happy.

And a short general prediction: It will stay pretty much the same.

Latvian’s blogger meeting

December 12, 2006

Hello there! I can call me a real blogger now, I have been to a blogger meeting. A few days ago I happened to read this post and immediately decided I should pay them a visit.

Yesterday was the meeting in the Albert Hotel Star Lounge in Riga (great view over Riga from up there). I was a bit late because I didn’t found the place at first. Luckily the organisator could help me and I came around too.

I kind of was the last one I think, about 20 people where already there (and proved a stereotype: all male and the age average would have been somewhere in  the early twenties), chatting, talking communicating in reallife, without comments, ping-backs and all that stuff (there were still a lot of laptops and damn much high class cameras). I clearly was the youngest and the only foreigner too.

Topics were broad ranged: From podcasting over flickr and blog traffic to ‘Big Brother’ Google… I hadn’t imagined I would understand so freaking much, incredible. I was a bit silent though, I should have tried to talk a bit more. Talking is not so difficult anymore, it’s just unbelievable wrong.

Altogether I’m very happy I happened to be there and I’m curious about the podcast (is it going to be a podcast (everyone had to record a statement about himself, blogging and reading other blogs or something like that)?) and about pictures, pictures! I didn’t got everyone’s name and blog due to the fact  that I was late. Hey, I know you made pictures!

I only pity myself that I paid too much for the cab, I won’t ever take one standing in front of a hotel, there they are just waiting to rob tourists.

NATO in Riga

November 23, 2006

This weekend takes the NATO meeting place in Riga. I’m very interested, for several reasons, altough I have never been a person very interested in politics, but I have never been that near and an active observer to a political event in this size.

First, one of the topics will probably be the Afganisthan mission.  And of course the German part in it. Likely, other countries as Canada, Britain or Danmark will request a more active participation of the German troops. This would include combat operations which would be, if approved,  a truning point in history of the Federal German Republic, because our troops haven’t ever been induldged in offical combat operations since WWII. Even most Germans see the army more as a kind of better police than as actual fighters.

Besides these politics, large parts of Rīga won’t be accesible at all, just for pedestrians or only partly for traffic. I’m not sure, wether puplic transport from the west side of the Daugava to the east side (and Oldtown/Vēcrīga) is allowed or not. If not, it would be very difficult for me to get there … not to mention that I have no idea if there is anything to go there. I think the cinema is accesible by feet, but I can’t say it for sure.

So I’ll see what will happen the weekend and the following three holidays. Hope I won’t have to sit all the time at home…

I’m leaving

August 18, 2006

This night I’ll be leaving for Latvia. I fly from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt and then to Riga. My hostfamily will wait there. Huh! I’m kinda nervous now.

Btw: has some new awesome features. Example? My current post got just auto saved. Try the pages around the dashboard. A comment and tag tracker. Hilarious!

Peace, I’m out. See or read or write you soon (hopefully, at least).

The actual report of my week in Hamburg

June 8, 2006

This time, I'll complete what I'm about to beginn. A report of last week with YFU in Hamburg for exchange preparation purposes. I won't publish this post until I told every last bit about last week. Nevertheless it is very difficult due to the fact that I am not allowed to tell too much. I mean, it might read someone who'll have his own prep and it would took away the punchline for several activities for him.

Nevertheless – If you don't want to be spoiled at all, I would suggest not to read this article, although I think it's not spoiling anything that would take your fun away.

The Saturday before last I took the train (by the way, I could catch the fifth part of The Dark Tower at the train station's bookstore – what a chance) to Hamburg (it is so fucking expensive nowadays). I actually believed the week would take place in Hamburg itself. But unfortunately, among other participants I met in the bus we had to drive a whole hour out of Hamburg. Nevertheless what I saw of Hamburg seemed very nice.

I slept in the bus and didn't talk to the other students I'd just met. I was just too tired. We arrived in Geesthacht, I shared a room with five six other students and it took some time until everyone was assembled (fourty-six going to be exchange students and thirteen supervisors). The afternoon didn't happen that much: inctroduction and get-to-know-each-other-games.

The evening we already started the first serious event. I won't explain it hear, I think it belongs to the could-destroy-others-fun category.

The next days, we had a plenty of programm. Ah, it's a pity I can't tell about it in detail.

Sunday, we had a crash course in recent history. The last hundred years in Germany in only seventy-five minutes. But it wasn't intended for us to memorize every little detail, fact and date. It was more kind of a very interactive museum. Afterwards we seperated into little groups, around ten students and a few supervisors (supervisor doesn't taste right, nor does leader or any other word I found in the dictionnary – they doesn't have the connotation of fun – native speakers may help!!!). That would be practiced all week, altough the compensation of the groups changed.

We had great discussions. Really. It shouldn't be as school and it wasn't. The day school turns into such a working place with a chilled atmosphere, nearly everyone talking (more or less – and sometimes you needed a few motivated guys to push the conversation – I often did) and saying his opinion bringing in ideas and so on ….. that day I'm going to be teacher. Unfortunately I never won't (and that's good as I would never want to be teacher – however, I hope you got my point).

Where did I stop? Yes, history. We discussed the history in 65 minutes presentation and moved to responsibility, imprinting, and, as always, to the W – questions. Why did we do that? What relates it to your exchange year? Stuff like this.

I can shorten the next days, at least the details. It was always similiar (not that it was boring – nooo way). Sometimes we did a excercise before, a (role-)play, a game, whatever.

Monday I got up an hour earlier – just to go running (the group running became smaller and smaller over the week with the same degree as everyone slept lesser and lesser). Monday we talked about our identity. We developed (okay, with a little help) a pattern for identity in relation to our exchange (the W-questions).

I don't know the exact order of the next topics, so I'll just list them (and mayhap explain a little).

Europe – we talked about the EU, economy, culture all this stuff. I mean, we were all going to go abroad within Europe – most of us to East Europe.

Culture. That one was very interesting. We developed many patterns (or to be more specific – we got told the most) like a house which has three pillars – communication, institutions and values. And the basement is history (which links to our first topic).

Around wednesday, I think, our community of exchange students had been grown really tight together. I wasn't as quick as I got to know my AFS friends which disappointed me a little at first. Nevertheless, I don't want that to sound negative. Around wednesday, I started to drunk too much coffee. I really exagerated. But hey, I still participated in the morning run!!

Communication and values were topics in the last days. Also very interesting and informative. There was a really great presentation for communication, before we splitted in little groups and realized, that noone of us used the information we had got. Well, after a while, most of us did. I think I was one of the very last.

I forgot democracy. There was a long during, but well made presentation for it too. We had a special guest who only came to show us his presentation.

There was something we were strictly told not to tell at (AFS had it too) referring to selective perception and accommodation as the last topic.

And a few things in between. We had an evening for us students to organize something fun for our leaders (I still don't like the word, damn) and it was great. It was the last day and I went to sleep around 4:00 am.

Most evenings we had little groups (about three to four students) to discuss the day, chitchat a little and so on. My group (it was always the same) was fabulous (and our topics very philosophical). Thanks to you, should you ever happend to read this at all.

And, the best at the end: We all commited countless murders. Yes, to be honest, we were kind of barbaric. It was like a bloody slaughter. Piles of corpses. Everyone against each other. Don't count the dead, just continue to kill. Okay, I was joking. But we still had a murder game, although it was bloodless. One had a name and a condition to 'kill' someone. But noone could be around except 'dead' people.

The departure was sad. A few even had to whine. Everyone hugging each other. Just cool. I took the train home. I was home. I slept fourteen hours.

So that was last week. I think there still miss things, but I'm already writing and writing and can't end. I hope there's still anyone who's willing to read all this. If so, hope you'd fun, I tried to add a dash of humour.

Edit: A side note: This is my longest post ever. ;-)

YFU/AFS review

June 8, 2006

I started to realize, that I'm already about to forget names, details and faces from the last week. So I really have to write it down soon. Maybe I have to split it in multiple parts.

The week was great. The people I met and got to know were great (only six are going to Latvia. The others go for example to Finland (a lot), Estonia (quite a lot) or to Poland, Danmark, Sweden (a few)). The supervisors were great (one has been in Latvia, two weren't Germans but former/actual exchange students in Germany). But I think it is kind of boring to hear great, great, great and also not very informative. So I'll try to start at the beginning and tell a little more about the week itself, what we did and the circumstances.

Okay, I'll start at the very beginning (but I'll make it quick). To be honest, my opinion of YFU wasn't that amazed, it was more in favor to AFS. My first contact with YFU (besides the application stuff – the YFU questionnaire was a pain in the neck) was in Cologne where the selection meeting took place. It was only a single, short hour.

AFS organised a whole weekend. I got to know around twenty people. It was fun. AFS has a local bureau in Aachen. Most of the people remet afterwards (okay, to be exact most of the cool guys – there were of course some who weren't -reasonably- accepted).

I was accepted by AFS and YFU. So I had to fill in a few more questionnaries and so on. Meanwhile, I had a lot of contact to AFS students.

Hell, I wanted to make it short. What I wanted to express is that AFS was active and YFU only sent a letter or questionnaire every now and then. I had two more weekends with AFS, several activities – nothing with YFU. I acted myself and got to know a former and local YFU (&Latvia) exchange student and meet two future 06/07 students online. (okay, there was a huge deal of chance involved)

However, until March/April I would have prefered to go with AFS, due to the large number of people I know there. That has changed. With the last week in Hamburg. Damn, I'm heavily extravagated again. In fact, I wanted to tell about last week (like the first paragraphs may suggest). Okay, I'll do so the next time. And I hope I'll remember something to write about.

Loose change 911

May 26, 2006

I finally managed to watch Loose Change, a conspiratorial video of 911. Without having watched it, it was easy to deny the conspiracy. Now, I'm sure there is something terribly wrong, although I'm not sure wether everything happended as documented in this video. In fact, I'm no longer sure of anything. 


April 7, 2006

Two weeks of holidays. Which means: Sleeping every day until noon, no school & fucking bad teachers nor homework nor learning, having non-stop fun with friends, be lazy as hell, hit on girls, parties & celebration, climbing & snowboarding and so much more. To start, a weekend preparation for the exchange with AFS (observing readers might notice that I go with YFU – indeed, nevertheless I take part in this weekend)! Gsus, that's gonna be fun!

English Theater

March 16, 2006

I  was invited to acompany a friend to an English theater play, President by Chance. Yesterday evening we were there, it was great. I could understand nearly every word and when I didn’t, it was because I didn’t got it acustically (or later, after the break also as a lack of concentration – I hadn’t eaten anything since around 14:00 and we drunk some sparkling whine. For my empty stomach a little to much). Okay, the actors weren’t professionals nor was their English like a native speaker’s.

Afterwards I remember my first English theater play I attended in school. It was when we had our nice English teacher. They were professionals and mother tongues. I can’t remember much of the play itself (it was about drugs or so), but I still know I understand not that much. It was of course special play for pupils with dialogs written in an easy way. I understand the story, seeing the visually part of the play. But I got only fragments of the dialogs.

So I’m know proud to see I have improved. I could recall the story but I’m a bit short in time, maybe later.