Learning English again

My abroad year is over, so I decided to focus on some other thing now: Learning English. As I wrote, I’m in an English Advanced course at school and to make thinks even more interesting I signed up for a preparation course for the CAE Certificate at an evening school.
I got two reasons signing up. Firstly, I did the FCE certificate this year in April (or was it March?) and at school they now offer a preparation course for it. I already did it, so why shouldn’t I try the next one?

Secondly, I love my English Advanced course, but it is not as demanding as I had hoped for.

Lot of reasons to write on this blog how my learning is going on. When I read the first posts I wrote about two years ago I can gladly tell, that I improved a hell of a lot. Now it’s time to continue writing more frequently to brush up my writing skills and maybe I should start again reading a few English books.


2 Responses to “Learning English again”

  1. annette Says:

    Good decision! Ehrfurchtsvoll verneige ich mich vor soviel Eifer – this sentence is to difficult as I can write it in english :-)!

  2. davidlind Says:

    Good idea. Keep working at it and you will succeed. I added you to my Refreshing Links page.

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