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From Berlin to Aachen for just 2,40

January 5, 2008

During the last two weeks I travelled around quite a lot. Brussels, Hamburg & Berlin in less than 10 days. The nice thing about it were the three amazing cities, three different cultures and three different kinds of people  in such a short time. The bad point was just not enough time to fully experience these cities.  However it was a great time.

Starting in Brussels. Together with eight of my friends I visited a friend of ours living in Brussels. It was an unbelievable advantage having a place to stay and and a very experienced city and night-life guide for free. Still, Brussels is a place where you can spend lots and lots of your hard earned salaries. But a large shopping mall, des beaux Cafés, some nice pubs and especially le Goupil le fol were worth it.

A friend of mine and his family visiting the older sister and her boyfriend took me with them to Hamburg. My friend and I had acquired free accommodation due to the help of the hospitality club (by the way a great community – you should try it out). However, the parents had planned in the grandparents which, being ill, stayed at home, so that we had to take the free room which was quite expensive in the end. However, we had our fun visiting the reeperbahn and some sights in Hamburg.

Without my friend I visited a friend of mine living between Hamburg and Lübeck.  I hadn’t seen her for a while and I really enjoyed my stay there. But I had planned to await New Year in Berlin so I had to go on.

At this point I started to hitch hike. There is a bus line from Hamburg to Berlin and if you book it one week in advance it costs just 9 Euro. But I wanted to stay flexible and decided to try hitch hiking. It worked out well, I came in time to party with my friends in Berlin where I stayed a few days. The way back home I wanted to try it again. I looked up recommendations on where to start and decided to take a train to Michendorf near Potsdam (for just 2,40 ;-) )where a rest stop is near the train station. After having waited just 10 to 15 minutes I had a ride to the Hannover. At the rest stop there which was filled with people it seemed to be more difficult. However, I had luck again. I spotted a car with the license plate AC – Aachen and asked the drivers whether they had some place left for me. The two Poles agreed and I was on the way to Aachen. Couldn’t have been better ….


A special kind of humor

September 7, 2007

I just spotted a hilarious entry in the world’s freest encyclopedia. It gave me a very sentimental feeling, but I couldn’t stop laughing for quite a while.  They do have a very special kind of humor. Even in Latvia they know it, although there are some arguments between Latvians and Russians…

Latvian’s blogger meeting

December 12, 2006

Hello there! I can call me a real blogger now, I have been to a blogger meeting. A few days ago I happened to read this post and immediately decided I should pay them a visit.

Yesterday was the meeting in the Albert Hotel Star Lounge in Riga (great view over Riga from up there). I was a bit late because I didn’t found the place at first. Luckily the organisator could help me and I came around too.

I kind of was the last one I think, about 20 people where already there (and proved a stereotype: all male and the age average would have been somewhere in  the early twenties), chatting, talking communicating in reallife, without comments, ping-backs and all that stuff (there were still a lot of laptops and damn much high class cameras). I clearly was the youngest and the only foreigner too.

Topics were broad ranged: From podcasting over flickr and blog traffic to ‘Big Brother’ Google… I hadn’t imagined I would understand so freaking much, incredible. I was a bit silent though, I should have tried to talk a bit more. Talking is not so difficult anymore, it’s just unbelievable wrong.

Altogether I’m very happy I happened to be there and I’m curious about the podcast (is it going to be a podcast (everyone had to record a statement about himself, blogging and reading other blogs or something like that)?) and about pictures, pictures! I didn’t got everyone’s name and blog due to the fact  that I was late. Hey, I know you made pictures!

I only pity myself that I paid too much for the cab, I won’t ever take one standing in front of a hotel, there they are just waiting to rob tourists.

Patriotism and Independent Day

November 19, 2006

Yesterday was the Independent Day of Latvia. I knew in the back of my mind, that this day was somehow special,  of course it was written everywhere the days ago.

I was going to help painting the walls in my hostdad’s office. Still I got some hints all the time, but they weren’t hints to me that time, only now when I think back. First, the radio broadcasted some a service and it was the first time I could understand anything in the radio. At bridges, the lanterns were decorated with national flags. It even crossed my mind that this was a sign of patriotism you wouldn’t ever see in Germany, but I still didn’t got what it was all about.

A bit later, we were tough working, someone called me and asked wether I would watch the parade. Which parade? Hey, dude, it’s the Independent Day and that’s why there is a big parade! It finally dawned on me. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch anything, but the flying helicopters holding large national flags.

Later I still managed to pay a visit to Old Riga. Can’t remember to see it so crowded. At some place (how is it called again?) there were screens showing pictueres during a speech resounding from large speakers. People handed out national flags made from paper, I managed to get one!

A lot of Russians were present to, a lot of drunk people too (not only Russians) varying from dizzy to dead drunk. The latest mostly Russians as far as I could see, I have to admit. And, of course a lot of police too. I didn’t read the papers (or better: read the headlines, because that’s usually all I am able to understand) yet, bet as long as we have been there, nothing bad happened.

At around 9 p.m. people wandered to the river to see the firework and there it was really crowded now. The firework was the 2nd best firework I ever saw and the other one had been the one for the LNT (Latvian TV channel) birthday. Actually, I think both firework were pretty much the same, just yesterday there were speakers playing music and it was more foggy and wind blewing all the smoke in the wrong direction, towards the audience.

To draw the balance, it was very interesting. I have never sawn such a patriotic event in Germany and even the atmosphere during and shortly after the World Cup this year didn’t reached the patriotism yesterday at all. And I’m pretty sure Germans won’t ever be able to develope this kind of patriotism.

Time is relative

July 31, 2006

I just sat in the bus, thinking. And I figuered out the mystery of time (at least for myself).

It’s the thirtyfirst of July now. The nineteenth (I am just reading Stephen King’s last novel of the Dark Tower series – what a coincidence) of august I’ll fly to Latvia. And time is running fast. So fucking fast. It may have to do with the summer holidays, but I think that’s only an amplifier. It was just the same two month ago. Time was running fast.

Two month ago all my friends were still in Germany. To specify, all my friends who are or will soon be abroad. A few are already gone. I won’t the them for a year or so. (By the way, the tension you (should) get as a exchange students doesn’t came yet – only when I think about my friends spread all around the world. How is T. doing in Guatemala? Or A. in Costa Rica?)

But the day I got to know them feels like yesterday. Everything (time) is blurred. I was in downtown yesterday … wait, it was not yesterday. Was it saturday? Friday? A week ago?

Why is life happening in a flash? It’s because it’s fun. A goodbye party there, a goodbye party here. Meeting friends and knowing this will be the last time makes you want to have a good time this time. The last time for a while.

Time passes the quicker the more you would want it to freeze.

You may want to have more time, maybe a little time for being yourself. Relax. Do things you disregarded.

Nevertheless, you feel good.

The contrary: You’re bored, time seems to stand still. Not that much else to say.

In conclusion time (or your sense of time) is kind of a measurement how you’re life is going.

Talking English

March 22, 2006

On Monday, I went downtown with a friend after school. We had a purpose, to buy a shisha (or hookah). I don’t want yet to talk about the health aspect – some say it’s more damaging than cigarettes, the others don’t agree and insist on the opposite.

Nevertheless we were looking around for a shop where one could get a simple shisha, inexpensive and the additional stuff as tobacco and coal. We had found an orientalic shop, but first, the most shishas were very expensive and second the vendor was unsympathic. Even when the oriental odors and the smell from (maybe ?) wax candles were glorious.

So, after eating a kebab, we frequented another place we heared about. As we don’t have any specific racial quarters as China Town or something like that, you could nearly imagine you were in the Orient. This small street was filled with little shops on both sides and displayed goods on the pavement. We entered the first shop, as we had seen some waterpipes through the window. They were to tall for our taste, but the owner said that his wife, on the other side of the street has got smaller ones. This shop was the only one that looked like a European one, but inside, everything was empty, except some waterpipes. But we didn’t liked the old woman, so we quit and moved to the last shop, some kind of greengrocery mixed up with a corner shop.

There were two vendors, one talking with a client, we asked the other about waterpipes and prices. He showed us several, standing over the door and on the top of shelfs filled with all types of things, mostly oriental imports. He was directly friendly and explained about his supply of shishas. We went back outside to have a closer view on one directly over the door while the second vendor was buy with a new entered client. The first one, no finished came to us. “Do you speak English ?”, he asked with a funny dialect. I approved, of course. And now, we had a nice talk about all the world and his brother. My friends parents are from Morocco so he understands some basic words in arabien languages. And he said – the vendor, not my friend – (oh shit, I’m fucking proud) that my pronunciation was very good. I was very pleased, first time I’ve heard that. Okay, we got a special offer and bought a shisha. But should we ever need some oriental stuff, we will first check this shop – the people were just so sympathic and friendly. Okay, we’ve got our hookah now, that was the story, grown longer as I had estimated.

But what I really wanted to say, and what the title suggests, is that I love to talk in English, test and use new vocabulary and hear native speakers talking. Yes, so much words for just that short result, but so I am. (I wanted to add something more, but I got a mail and now, five minutes later I forgot it already).