Work, work, work

Hello there, I know the relaunch did not work properly. I was just too busy or shall I say lazy? But that wouldn’t be true, because I actually have been working.

I finished all my applications for EVS projects and sending organisations even before chrismas (i always have to wonder how to write the word and I always end up looking it up in a dictionary – i should try to remember xmas, that’s easier: 3 letters less).

In January I volunteered to organise the midstay camp for our guest students from Aachen, Bonn, Cologne & Siegen. It was a helluva fun as always. Truly, some work in advance: calling parents, parents calling me, calling the youth hostel people and organising everything. I hope I will be able to lead their last camp somewhen in June, because that would be the last time I will be able to see most of them! After all, there from Turkey, USA, China and many other countries.

Later in January, I was invited to Bonn and Hannover by AFS and IJGD, two sending organisations for EVS. That way, I was able to hitchhike to and visit Hannover, or more precisely, to Hildeshim, because that was were I stayed at a friends place and had a great time.

I also applied for another project in Warsawa with the organisation FNPF an organisation for the Polish-German reconciliation. And they seemed to be very pleased with my application, so I would have had a secure EVS placement there. However, I hesitated due to the fact that I still had not heared from my most favourite organisation which would send me to South East Europe: Serbia, Bosnia i Herzogowina or Kosovo. To be honest at that time I hadn’t even sent my application.

Now I am waiting for their pending invitation to an interview the weekend after. I negotiated with FPNF and they will wait until I get my response.I also applied for an organisation which is to be AFS in Croatia, but their placement hasn’t yet been granted the funds of European Comission.

To summarize, I will hopefully know where I am going to go in about weeks. I will keep you up-to-date. See ya!


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  1. DopeRiga Says:

    Labs. Es te biju (::::)

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