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Still more things to discover

February 3, 2007

Today I stumbled upon a thing I had never heard before: SSI – Server Side Includes. I found a forum post explaining ten popular (and/or annoying mistakes webdesigners make. One was:

I’ve seen people who code each individual page of their site. […] While they may not know of modular/SSI-based design, I’ve personally told a few of them about it and found them not taking my advice.

Of course I didn’t wanted to belong to those ignorant people and looked it up. Wikipedia and Google, as usual. I didn’t found anything up to date about SSI. Isn’t anyone still using it in times of Web2.0? I rather liked it from the first moment on and I am definitively going to try it out.

One reason it’s not so popular (anymore?)  might be that developers nowdays trust in content managment systems. Okay, that’s a point. But I think, a site that is too small for using a CMS, can still be large enough to be a lot of work which could be reduced using SSI.

One more thing I learned today: There are still a helluva lot of things to learn. I better keep on going.


Upgrade your blog

August 5, 2006

In the admin panel there is a new page avaible: Upgrades. The deal is simple. You buy credits and can upgrade your blog with those.

In addition to all of the free features of, we offer a few options for paid upgrades for enhanced functionality. Credits cost $1 each. The buttons below will bring you to a Paypal page where they can be purchased. We do not offer refunds on credits or products purchased on

However, the only avaible option to buy is custom CSS. Only? I think that is a very good start. Custom CSS was so often requested and in my opinion the only disadvantage of in comparison with other blog hosts.

It was a clever move to offer custom CSS for money only. I am thinking of making use of this offer for the future myself. And I’m curious what else the wordpress guys will offer.

Myspace: no example for modern webdesign

April 5, 2006

I just created a myspace blog and had some fun developing my own design. Yes, I had actually fun. Even when the myspace website is everything than a modern, semantic and accessible website, nor has it much Usability. Besides, I don't understand why myspace is so popular, especially in the USA.  

myspace doesn't give a shit about semantic (x)html, the layout is table and blind gif based and the source code makes it in general very hard to work with it.

That's what I wrote on my myspace blog. And that's true. But myspace is a very good example for one advantage of good used CSS: With CSS & HTML one might create a website that is easy to customize and can easily be changed. That would be a great advantage particular for myspace, where you have millions of users creating their own design. With a semantic HTML and better possibilities to use CSS that would be much easier for all of them and maybe the usual myspace custom design would look much better. 

Technical books – or book prices

March 30, 2006

I had some problems to translate 'Fachbuch' or 'Sachbuch', but I hope technical book will fit, for further explanation read on.

Before sports I was again, as so often in the greatest bookstore of Germany (at least as far as I know), it's a great shop and it is huge. Very huge. I had not that much time, but I intended to look over some interesting technical books about webdesign. There are masses. I liked especially Bulletproof Webdesign from Dan Cederholm (they had it in German).

There is one problem: It is expensive. Damn expensive. Exorbitant expensive. All non-fiction, technical, reference or whateveryoucallthem books are expensive. There is a huge difference between fiction paperbooks (hard covers are slightly more expensive, but it's okay too, as long as you have a soft cover version) and technical books.

I mean, you have to pay around 8 to 10 € for a usual paperbook. You have to pay 39,99 € (!!!! (I need more possibilities to mark text as very importent)) for Bulletproof Webdesign. How could that be ? Okay, there are differences. A novel or something like this is printed in black & white, except the cover, on more or less cheap paper. Usually technical book is printed on more qualitativ paper and the good ones are in color. So it costs a bit more to produce a book like this. Okay, okay, I appreciate this.

But is there any other damn difference? A writer of a novel works and writes maybe different than the (or often the writers) 'writer' of a technical book. First invents his stuff, the second is a master in his science or subject and knows enough to write a book over it. But both do practically the same. The second maybe has to find some pictures fitting to his book. But I hope you would agree in the point that the overall work of both is the same: Writting.

So there are only the costs to print all this stuff. I'm not that much into this, but I don't think, that a technical book with some colors & pictures & more qualitativ paper, but usual less pages than a simple fiction book is that much more expensive to produce. At least not four times. 

I love technical books, because the internet is the best place to learn things over computers and/or the internet. There are endless possibilities to do that. But a book is still something else. You can feel your book (hehe, and now comes the part I enjoyed most sitting in the bus and thinking over what I would write) in your hands. You can take it to the toilett when you have to shit hm … whatever. You can read it in your bed, when you should already go to sleep, because you have school tomorrow. You can slap your annoying little brother with it. You can underline importand things or write something on the border. It don't has a only frequency of about 100 Hz. You don't need any internet access nor electricity nor any hardware. You all know the advantages.

I would love to buy some very interesting technical books, not only Bulletproof Webdesign (it's only an example, there are even more expensive books out there). They are just too expensive, I can't even pay all the fiction books I would like to have. 

But I want to add something, when you (if any lonely soul came here to read that) want to donate me for nothing special in particular, there are two links at beginning of this entry (I'll add one in the about page too). Just a short hint. ;-)

Having fun with CSS

March 27, 2006

In informatics at school, we're doing now (now is relative – we're doing this subject a few weeks already and wrote the first test I got back today – of course and A+ if that's equal to a 'very good', the best mark in Germany) a nice topic: HTML and soon CSS too. I don't think I'll learn that much and I've stopped wonder me about the ancient webdesign methods we are teached (I like our informatics teacher, but she insist 'on learning the basics first' – I think there are new basic methods used today) as frame or table based webdesign.

Instead of learning only HTML pupils should start with HTML (maybe xhtml) and CSS, so that they are directly walking the right way of webdesign. And I don't try to convince my friends anymore to learn CSS instead of trying to solve bitchy frame layout problems they would'nt have with CSS.

We have the task to create & design an online youth magazine. A friend of mine and me didn't bother about a topic, but we had a nice idea for a layout. And it pleases me more and more. You can have a sneakpreview, but I don't want to tell the ideas we're still trying to implement. And maybe, I'll adept this theme for wordpress too. Would be my first theme, but I like the idea.