From Berlin to Aachen for just 2,40

During the last two weeks I travelled around quite a lot. Brussels, Hamburg & Berlin in less than 10 days. The nice thing about it were the three amazing cities, three different cultures and three different kinds of people  in such a short time. The bad point was just not enough time to fully experience these cities.  However it was a great time.

Starting in Brussels. Together with eight of my friends I visited a friend of ours living in Brussels. It was an unbelievable advantage having a place to stay and and a very experienced city and night-life guide for free. Still, Brussels is a place where you can spend lots and lots of your hard earned salaries. But a large shopping mall, des beaux Cafés, some nice pubs and especially le Goupil le fol were worth it.

A friend of mine and his family visiting the older sister and her boyfriend took me with them to Hamburg. My friend and I had acquired free accommodation due to the help of the hospitality club (by the way a great community – you should try it out). However, the parents had planned in the grandparents which, being ill, stayed at home, so that we had to take the free room which was quite expensive in the end. However, we had our fun visiting the reeperbahn and some sights in Hamburg.

Without my friend I visited a friend of mine living between Hamburg and Lübeck.  I hadn’t seen her for a while and I really enjoyed my stay there. But I had planned to await New Year in Berlin so I had to go on.

At this point I started to hitch hike. There is a bus line from Hamburg to Berlin and if you book it one week in advance it costs just 9 Euro. But I wanted to stay flexible and decided to try hitch hiking. It worked out well, I came in time to party with my friends in Berlin where I stayed a few days. The way back home I wanted to try it again. I looked up recommendations on where to start and decided to take a train to Michendorf near Potsdam (for just 2,40 ;-) )where a rest stop is near the train station. After having waited just 10 to 15 minutes I had a ride to the Hannover. At the rest stop there which was filled with people it seemed to be more difficult. However, I had luck again. I spotted a car with the license plate AC – Aachen and asked the drivers whether they had some place left for me. The two Poles agreed and I was on the way to Aachen. Couldn’t have been better ….


3 Responses to “From Berlin to Aachen for just 2,40”

  1. grcka leto 2011 Says:

    Hello! Is it acceptable that I go a bit off topic? I’m hoping to view your web page on my iPad but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any recommendations? Thanks

  2. DopeRiga Says:

    Kas jauns brlīnē ?

  3. NikaNav Says:

    Berlīne jauna :D

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