The two sides of learning at school

After 4 weeks of school I’m kind of used again to weaking up early, sleeping less and lesser, reduced free time and even ways to seldomly going out on weekends.

On the other hand learning can be (and I truly mean it) enlightening. We got some teachers I don’t like, or don’t like to much, but that is bearable (most of the time). History is interesting (teacher sucks ass – I spend half of the time trying to overlook this fact), Literature is even more interesting, I don’t even need to mention Informatics, PE, what else is there left? Religion too (after all, I’am a convinced atheist), Maths (my  2nd Advanced course).

English courses especially are usually a hell of a fun. I would have preferred the 2nd English Advanced course’s students, because most of them have been abroad (California, Australia), but our teacher is ways better, the other course is complaining all the time . Not to mention a friend of mine who had to change due to some class schedule mistakes.

It’s demanding too – more or less at least. Homework is demanding, the lessons sometimes are easy-peasy and to slow paced.

In the last lessons, our teacher got a bit of a reading-texts-spleen – read this, read that. Interpret this, summarize that and don’t forget evaluating!

This can be a pain in the ass. On some days it is easy to make up my mind and write some interpretation or to sum up a text and it’s fun too – after all I really like the English language, reading and  so on.

However, at least half of the other days (probably more) I’m extremely dull after school and it’s hart even to write the last bit of a lousy summarize. And that’s just English – to counting everything together it’s probably about 400% of the other days ;-)

Still, I prefer all kinds of English homework a helluva times to doing German interpretation work. Poems, poems, poems. Right now I should have done one, probably instead of writing this. I didn’t. Fuck it, exactly that is school.


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