The world’s as miserable as before, but I continue to blog

I have been a few weeks now back in Germany and I recently thought about school which is going to start in about exactly … 4 days. Oh hell! I am going to have Mathematics and English as Leistungskurs (I always tried to translate this word in various languages during various discussions, but I always failed … maybe I should look into a dictionary right now. Okay, the dictionary itself is not sure which word is to use) and I thought about my skills in both subjects.

I know that my English skill is not as good as a year ago, so I decided I ought to restart blogging more frequently. Won’t hurt anyway and as long as I’ll just gab about some bullshit every now and then I don’t waste too much time for it. Especially my vocabulary degraded like hell. So don’t wonder when I’ll try to use some exquisite vocabulary ;-)

In the end I care anyway less about English than I do about maths. I should have started to learn the stuff I missed a few weeks ago. I didn’t of course.

So school is about to start….but I finish here my entry, because the compile process of sauerbraten finished and I’ll try it out now. Have fun out there, my non-existent readers!


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