Still more things to discover

Today I stumbled upon a thing I had never heard before: SSI – Server Side Includes. I found a forum post explaining ten popular (and/or annoying mistakes webdesigners make. One was:

I’ve seen people who code each individual page of their site. […] While they may not know of modular/SSI-based design, I’ve personally told a few of them about it and found them not taking my advice.

Of course I didn’t wanted to belong to those ignorant people and looked it up. Wikipedia and Google, as usual. I didn’t found anything up to date about SSI. Isn’t anyone still using it in times of Web2.0? I rather liked it from the first moment on and I am definitively going to try it out.

One reason it’s not so popular (anymore?)  might be that developers nowdays trust in content managment systems. Okay, that’s a point. But I think, a site that is too small for using a CMS, can still be large enough to be a lot of work which could be reduced using SSI.

One more thing I learned today: There are still a helluva lot of things to learn. I better keep on going.


One Response to “Still more things to discover”

  1. Karsten Says:

    Schreib mal auf Deutsch du Spasti glaubste ich les den Englischen Quark hier durch?

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