Cambridge Certificate

I registered now for the First Certificate in English (FCE) and payed the fee. I think I saved some money in Latvia, but to be true, that are just peanuts. Anyway, I went to the British Council and looked through the library. The teaching books didn’t seemed that difficult to me. And I thought I should have directly tried to achieve the next level, the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

I took no books with me, because I would have needed to pay a 7-Lats fee for one year of library use and I decided with a look into my empty wallet I would first search the internet and ask my english teacher. As far as I know my school in Latvia (after all it is called Riga English Grammar School) has a library to and I can get books there for free. They should have training material there too.

But first I look in the internet. It took me some time to find something, although there is plenty material on the official website. Blind as a bat I found some link from somewhere else to the site … after half an hour research. There is just no ‘real’ material besides the official provided one and everything else are just book offers. Really.

I tried out the Reading Part which consists of several texts and questions about them and is about 70 minutes. I found it unexpected difficult, but I managed to finish ways under the time limit and got a result of 87% correct answers of the maximum points. In my opinion a good result for the first try.

And finally I discoverd that I had downloaded the CPE papers instead of CFE. A pity that I didn’t registered for the more advanced level … but anyway, I’m content with the easier level, because there are sure some more difficult parts waiting than Reading, as Writing, Listening and … finally Grammar. These remain to be trained. And then will see, on 10 of March.


3 Responses to “Cambridge Certificate”

  1. Annette Says:

    Good luck! But was that the aim of your year abroad to learn English, bzw. to make a certificate in English? Where are you over again?

  2. Jona Says:

    No, it wasn’t my main goal. But I wanted to do that anyway back in Germany, and as I could do it here too, I thought rather here, where I have more time than I’ll have when I’ll be back.

  3. claire in schweden Says:

    i took that exam last year too. Well it went quite good, i passed with grade B, which is quite good. I was still a bit disappointed cuz i miss Grade A by a few points…
    Honestly, you really don’t need to train, you’re good enough to pass it with grade A. Don’t worry…
    but good luck;)

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