WTF? – Spam blogs steal content to generate traffic

I was looking through technorati and spotted some strange links there. Some site linking to my blog – but with my own content. Same titles, and an excerpt of my posts with a “link to the orignal article” at the end.

I had a closer look at the site – which pretends to be a free blogging service – and spotted a helluva lot more subdomain spam pages with over 5000 subdomains (just this domain, there are many more), each one pulling in one or different feeds related to some topic (topic == subdomain).

Furtheron there are a few links distributed all over these spam pages linking to various blogspot blogs which in the end leads to phentermine and similar annoying shit. Some advertisements in between too.

Don’t now what I can do about it, but I’m really pissed off. I remember the case that some site did the same, pretending to collect a blogging archive from german blogs and in the end it was somehow shot down by protesting bloggers.


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