Latvian’s blogger meeting

Hello there! I can call me a real blogger now, I have been to a blogger meeting. A few days ago I happened to read this post and immediately decided I should pay them a visit.

Yesterday was the meeting in the Albert Hotel Star Lounge in Riga (great view over Riga from up there). I was a bit late because I didn’t found the place at first. Luckily the organisator could help me and I came around too.

I kind of was the last one I think, about 20 people where already there (and proved a stereotype: all male and the age average would have been somewhere in  the early twenties), chatting, talking communicating in reallife, without comments, ping-backs and all that stuff (there were still a lot of laptops and damn much high class cameras). I clearly was the youngest and the only foreigner too.

Topics were broad ranged: From podcasting over flickr and blog traffic to ‘Big Brother’ Google… I hadn’t imagined I would understand so freaking much, incredible. I was a bit silent though, I should have tried to talk a bit more. Talking is not so difficult anymore, it’s just unbelievable wrong.

Altogether I’m very happy I happened to be there and I’m curious about the podcast (is it going to be a podcast (everyone had to record a statement about himself, blogging and reading other blogs or something like that)?) and about pictures, pictures! I didn’t got everyone’s name and blog due to the fact  that I was late. Hey, I know you made pictures!

I only pity myself that I paid too much for the cab, I won’t ever take one standing in front of a hotel, there they are just waiting to rob tourists.


3 Responses to “Latvian’s blogger meeting”

  1. Edijs Says:

    There was one girl too, named Sirke. She came after you left us. So, not just a boys party. :)

  2. 0nkulis Says:

    use taxi sos, 722222, cheapest taxi in Riga, from centre to jugla 3 it costs 4.40 Ls

  3. Jona Says:

    Sounds pretty good, thanks for the number. My cheapest ride was about 5 Lats, give or take a few sentims from Mežaparks to my very home, Torņakalns. But I didn’t called the cab myself, some Latvians did ;-)

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