wordpress blogs in your language

Sometimes I spot things that were so damn obvious and I should have noticed them a long time ago. I could nearly hit myself for not noticing it, but the joy about my discovery is to great. Hot talk, yeah?

Okay, I’ll come to the point. Did you ever saw something like de.wordpress.com? lv.wordpress.com? fr.wordpress.com? Basically, it’s just the normal account screen alike as wordpress.com. But it’s in your (choosen) language! And more important, the blogs and posts it features are just in that specific language. As far as I tried, the domain ending of your country just needs to be insertet in the place of where usually the blog name is! n0id.wordpress.com -> de.wordpress.com.


3 Responses to “wordpress blogs in your language”

  1. 0nkulis Says:

    this stuff is old everyone knows that

  2. Jona Says:

    You’re sure? I didn’t for gods sake. And by the way, that is the typical nerd attitude towards new, unexperienced users. ;-)

  3. 0nkulis Says:

    :) precise

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