Patriotism and Independent Day

Yesterday was the Independent Day of Latvia. I knew in the back of my mind, that this day was somehow special,  of course it was written everywhere the days ago.

I was going to help painting the walls in my hostdad’s office. Still I got some hints all the time, but they weren’t hints to me that time, only now when I think back. First, the radio broadcasted some a service and it was the first time I could understand anything in the radio. At bridges, the lanterns were decorated with national flags. It even crossed my mind that this was a sign of patriotism you wouldn’t ever see in Germany, but I still didn’t got what it was all about.

A bit later, we were tough working, someone called me and asked wether I would watch the parade. Which parade? Hey, dude, it’s the Independent Day and that’s why there is a big parade! It finally dawned on me. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch anything, but the flying helicopters holding large national flags.

Later I still managed to pay a visit to Old Riga. Can’t remember to see it so crowded. At some place (how is it called again?) there were screens showing pictueres during a speech resounding from large speakers. People handed out national flags made from paper, I managed to get one!

A lot of Russians were present to, a lot of drunk people too (not only Russians) varying from dizzy to dead drunk. The latest mostly Russians as far as I could see, I have to admit. And, of course a lot of police too. I didn’t read the papers (or better: read the headlines, because that’s usually all I am able to understand) yet, bet as long as we have been there, nothing bad happened.

At around 9 p.m. people wandered to the river to see the firework and there it was really crowded now. The firework was the 2nd best firework I ever saw and the other one had been the one for the LNT (Latvian TV channel) birthday. Actually, I think both firework were pretty much the same, just yesterday there were speakers playing music and it was more foggy and wind blewing all the smoke in the wrong direction, towards the audience.

To draw the balance, it was very interesting. I have never sawn such a patriotic event in Germany and even the atmosphere during and shortly after the World Cup this year didn’t reached the patriotism yesterday at all. And I’m pretty sure Germans won’t ever be able to develope this kind of patriotism.


One Response to “Patriotism and Independent Day”

  1. parrymason Says:

    Yes, patriotism is very special here in Latvia.

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