More Keywords

I started this post a long while a go to record the most hilarious ones. Actually I don’t have the time to lock every now and then if there is a good one in the list, so just enjoy these:

is martial arts dangerous

of course, stupid!!! you can break every single bone!

Swedish is a singsong language

I don’t know, ask her. I was talking about French.

people that want to donate

Haha, great. Were it that easy, I would have searched contributors via google and I would be rich by now.

different meanings of the word fuck

It’s so interesting what people search for ….

fuck me online

Interesting how many visitors I get whose keywords contain the word ‘fuck’

onlin shops that deal in fun

spelling is difficult, isn’t it? by the way, fun is free!!

“Du kannst mich mal” english

It means something like ‘up yours’. Next time, try a dictionary.

find my icq-number

Haha! I took that one, because I always forget my icq-number too. Try a text-file or something. I usually look it up at my blog.

effects of blogging to students

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Don’t know. Do I look more like an idiot than I already did before? Or could I possibly have advanced my self?


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