Still The Day I Broke My iPod

Life’s a bitch.

A fucking mean one, sometimes.


5 Responses to “Still The Day I Broke My iPod”

  1. annette Says:

    *unbeleavingly shaking my head* I thought they are unbreakable!

  2. simbel Says:

    Woah, lol… can’t you take it somewhere to be repaired? :D
    And, um, yeah… it’s breakable?!

  3. Mfz Says:

    Try MS Zune ;)

  4. Jona Says:

    Oh, no hell, never! I read this morning you can only download new songs to put them on your Zune via pay/song or some kind of flat rate! What would I do with all my illegal copied and downloaded songs …. more, I don’t even know how to correctly pronounce Zune! ;-)

  5. It’s ice cold now « n0id online Says:

    […] I had to do a bit of leg work and I was glad I had my ocassionally working iPod with me – music is very usefull to distract from the […]

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