Still alive in Latvia and some random side notes

First, I think I should say something about my residence in Latvia. Hey, I’m here, I’m glad (also I kinda injured my knee and can’t walk for a while – time to blog), I’m fine. I’m very happy that I happen to be in Latvia.

More maybe, later first I wanted to complain.

I wanted to create a blog like this. WTF? Another blog? Yeah, a blog like this. So what could I mean? A blog like this, where the main point is not what I write, or for whom I write, or about what I write, but the language I write in. I mainly started this blog to train my English and to improve my language skills. I think I achieved that goal. At least I had fun.

Now I’m going to start a blog in Latvian. Okay, most of you won’t be able to understand anything (or is any Latvian reader out there? That would be so fucking forš (Latvians will understand)), the problem I had and I wanted to complain about are the names. First, I wanted a short and easy to memorize domain name (yeah, some marketing ideas stuck in my mind, Michael). Second a name that rocks. Third it should fit to the topic (which topic?) – at least fit somehow. Conclusion: Something short in Latvian that makes sense. Didn’t found anything.

Okay, so something else. I thought how I figured out the name of this blog (while I’m writing this, I got a new idea … hey, not bad!). Nickname. I’ve got some kind of nick name in Latvia. It’s Jons, because Latvian male names always and with ‘s’ (when they checked the names of all the exchange students here in Latva, the first comment I got was: “Oh, it’s a guy!”).

This blog name was already in use. I tried other combinations. And more. And more. In the end there were like 3 to 5 brilliant, genious domain names, didn’t worth a centims (smallest Latvian coin). Why? Because the domain names were already in use. My problem, why I’m furious is not, that the domain names were in use. I have no problem with that. They claimed the blog names first. The problem I have, is that the blogs belonging to the domain names aren’t in use!!! Not at all. Not a single post.

Hey people, I encourage you to blog. All of you. But you should decide wether you continue blogging before you register your domain name!!

Okay, that’s actually all. Fuck, I forget the idea I had.

Oh, and two more comments to wordpress and the wordpress people: Fuck, I love you! All of you! Can you read my mind? First, you have now the possibility (only condition is you have a domain) to select your domain for your wordpress blog! In combination with the option to buy a customizable CSS layout, offers now a really cheap alternative to hosting your own blog! Second, this is actually the first post, that is auto saved by wordpress! Great. Saved at 0:52:38. Uh, it’s getting late!

A few more things to Latvia. For those of you, who didn’t knew, I live in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Riga is great city, I loved it from the first moment. Although I was a little shocked at the beginning: Riga displays a huge contrast to the viewers eyes. Old, fucked up houses and in between a few new, modern buildings, nearly like villas, endless high skyscrapers. Same for the people: Old people in worn clothes waiting for the bus together with the young businessman in a new stylish suit.

The Oldtown of Riga is fantastic. Of course it’s aimed at tourists, but all the clubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants are great.

School is different, but I like it. And little by little, I’m getting used to all these crying small children, the terrible noise and that you need to shout if you want to have a conversation.

My host family is great too, the only problems I have to encounter are my host dad’s dislikes of many things I so damn enjoy. Like going out to Vecriga … But still I’m having a helluva life here!!!

Edit: Until, now the new Latvian blog has a domain! Maybe I’ll change it and move the content to another domain, if I happen to find a better one. Of course I appreciate  suggestions!


5 Responses to “Still alive in Latvia and some random side notes”

  1. simbel Says:

    Aww, it’s so amazing to see real exchange student’s opinion about my native city, which I love so much! Cheers!
    Going to Vecrīgas clubs and pubs definitely isn’t the best way to enjoy yourself, though. At least, not to me (:

  2. Jona Says:

    At least you agree, that their might by other point of views, that’s why i prefer your opinion to my host dads ;-) but you’re totally right, there is so much else you can do in Rīga! if i manage, i’ll try to write a bit more about Latvia, i really should!

  3. simbel Says:

    You really should, I’d read that with interest. :)

  4. Mfz Says:

    It is intersting to read what you thinking about Riga (sorry about my english language skill).

  5. Jona Says:

    Hey, look at my Latvian! Do I stop writing :D

    I’ll give it a try, although I should rather spent more time for the Latvian blog. Oh, I could write it in Latvian about it :-)

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