Increase the blogging frequency

I think I will blog more in the future. It’s not just that I didn’t have time, it was just that I didn’t felt like blogging. Now I could say I kinda licked blood again. And of course I want to try writting something for the new blog. I don’ t know about my german blog, I think I will concentrate on my two wordpress blogs. One reason is, that I always enjoyed blogging here the most. Can’t even say why.

One more reason for blogging more is, that I need something to do. When I’m online, I have always a few things to do. Check the Latvian networking portal, my gmail account and that’ s it. Of course I usually don’ t have the time to explore my blogroll and surf around, as I did this night. But there is still always the urge to contact my friends from Germany, now spread all around the world (Canada, California, Chile, Swiss, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brasilia, just to name a few). They are thousands of miles away – but just one mouse click. And I want to avoid to contact them to much, because I need to concentrate on my life here in Latvia and forget the old life for a while. So maybe blogging could help me, distract me a bit, when I’m finished with my online routine.

I’ll see. But it doesn’t mean I’ll write something about Latvia, not at all. Don’t expect that.


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