Time is relative

I just sat in the bus, thinking. And I figuered out the mystery of time (at least for myself).

It’s the thirtyfirst of July now. The nineteenth (I am just reading Stephen King’s last novel of the Dark Tower series – what a coincidence) of august I’ll fly to Latvia. And time is running fast. So fucking fast. It may have to do with the summer holidays, but I think that’s only an amplifier. It was just the same two month ago. Time was running fast.

Two month ago all my friends were still in Germany. To specify, all my friends who are or will soon be abroad. A few are already gone. I won’t the them for a year or so. (By the way, the tension you (should) get as a exchange students doesn’t came yet – only when I think about my friends spread all around the world. How is T. doing in Guatemala? Or A. in Costa Rica?)

But the day I got to know them feels like yesterday. Everything (time) is blurred. I was in downtown yesterday … wait, it was not yesterday. Was it saturday? Friday? A week ago?

Why is life happening in a flash? It’s because it’s fun. A goodbye party there, a goodbye party here. Meeting friends and knowing this will be the last time makes you want to have a good time this time. The last time for a while.

Time passes the quicker the more you would want it to freeze.

You may want to have more time, maybe a little time for being yourself. Relax. Do things you disregarded.

Nevertheless, you feel good.

The contrary: You’re bored, time seems to stand still. Not that much else to say.

In conclusion time (or your sense of time) is kind of a measurement how you’re life is going.


One Response to “Time is relative”

  1. Omar Says:

    fucking great text.
    homies for life bro….really great
    mir komm die tränen ehrlich man

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