Ubuntu Live CD – Unix again

I’m actually online using the Ubuntu Live CD. Ubuntu is indeed very neat. Thanks for your suggestion, William. But I used my brothers computer and the keyboard sucks.

Nevertheless, I should install a Unix system on my own computer again. Because Windows actually sucks a great deal more.

Maybe I try this time Ubuntu instead of Linux (i always crashed my Linux – i had it at least 4 times installed and I crashed the graphical interface since I tried to install more advanced drivers (for games of course)). I still have Linux on my main computer (with text mode only) and I can’t reinstall it, because my dvd has some scratches (I happen to destroy every cd within a short time – my Windows too).

I still need my Linux because the boot.ini files of both my Windows installations doesn’t work too. It’s still a little more complicated, but I forgot the details (I have several hard drives with and without RAID technology which isn’t supported for booting or something like this).

But I wanted to tell you something about Ubuntu (did I?).

As I said, Ubuntu is very n eat (argh, shit. I’m tired of corrcting all my mistypes – sry :D). At least what I can say about the Live CD version. As a used-to-windows user it’s strange to the the bottom bar at the top. I may wan’t to change it, but I didn’t figured out yet how to change it. THE background-image (I m doing to much CSS) wallpaper is nice too. Okay, that was an exorbitant important information, I know.

The installation is very quick and easy. AGAIn (the fucking shift button sucks most) at least the Live CD. THE real installation takes more time, that’s sure. I had only to choose my language (it suggested me countries – Germany, Swiss, Belgium, Austria etc – very nice and than a keyboard language) and it loaded a few drivers and that’s it. I didn’t took the time. Less than five minutes I think.

You can use a hell of a lot programms. D’IDNT anticipated that – with only about a cd full of disc space. Firefox of course, other internet progs like GAIM (an instant messanger) Oppen Office, GIMP and similiar stuff (for watching, scanning, ec), mail and damn much games!!!

GOMEtris is great. I LOve that name. I lay on the floor for a while, laughing. I would say about fifteen(!) games. Of course these funky games for the lunch break or when your boss pays more attentionto his new secretary.

What else to say? Various Terminals of course. DIFferent terminals. The adminstration panels look great. Some accessories like a English dictiornary. Great.

Ubuntu rocks! As all most (try mailman) OpenSOURCe software. Give it a try.


2 Responses to “Ubuntu Live CD – Unix again”

  1. Jesus Says:

    You do know that ubuntu is a linux right? And that there is no Linux OS, its just a kernel. God, people like you are idiots.

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