News from Latvia

I finally got my hostfamily!!!

They live in the middle of Riga. That's exactly what I hope for. It's unbelievable. My hostdad is independet, my hostmom works in the pharmacy sector. I've got three brothers at the age of sixteen, thirteen and six. 

I don't no any more yet, but I'll surely contact them the next days.  


4 Responses to “News from Latvia”

  1. Tobias Says:

    This is sooo unfair :D

  2. Jona Says:

    Hey, shut the fuck up. You rejected Australia and got Canada in the 2nd try. So don't blame anyone else for being unfair. That's life.

  3. annette Says:

    From Roetgen to Riga, what an escalation!

  4. Jona Says:

    Yes, Riga has fourteen hundred percent of population compared to Roetgen ;-)

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