I'm back from my YFU preperations week – which was a great experience – but I feel very bad and I'm actually not able to write any longer post about the meeting in Hamburg. Although I'd like to.

About noon, I was just about to return after having distributed the last newspapers I was struck by a heavy migraine. I didn't recognized it at first – how could I? I never had one in my life and the sun shone in my direction so I didn't remark the flickering. It was just like looking into the sun. But when I was at home my sorrow grew, because the flickring remained. After twenty minutes I went to bed and woke up later with a terrible headache.

Later I read a few Wikipedia articles and I'm sure it is some kind of a migraine. I'd like to sleep now, but I can't, as I slept all afternoon. At least the headache is about to vanish.


3 Responses to “Migraine”

  1. annette Says:

    Yes indeed, these are symtoms of a migraine. A little tip for the future, if you notice this flickering again, drink as soon as possible a very strong coffee, it works (my own experience)!

  2. Jona Says:

    Thanks, I’ll do so. Although I hope I wont experience it again.

  3. Omar Says:

    einmal dick auslachen :P:D
    nein echt ne migraine ist nicht so toll…aber da fällt mir spontan mein k ordner ein ^^

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