Loose change 911

I finally managed to watch Loose Change, a conspiratorial video of 911. Without having watched it, it was easy to deny the conspiracy. Now, I'm sure there is something terribly wrong, although I'm not sure wether everything happended as documented in this video. In fact, I'm no longer sure of anything. 


4 Responses to “Loose change 911”

  1. Jomatotu Says:

    Wow..I’ve just looked it and its disturbing..what should i believe and what not. There are some facts which could be easy declared as propaganda, but there are also some facts, which make you beliving, that bush isnt innocent.

  2. annette Says:

    Today, it’s allways better to prove every source. I think everything is possible, information will be faked, it’s very important to know, who is the informant. I decide many questions in the video very interessting, but if the conclusion there was a conspiracy is correct, what’s the use for anyone? After looking the video I have more unanswered questions as before.

  3. Jona Says:

    Yap, that was my intention with the last sentence.

  4. ConspiracyTheorySceptic Says:

    Anyone wanting an understanding of Loose Change 2 should look at this site:



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