Some kind of a review

Today I read somewhere (to be more specific, it was a blog – who guessed wrong ? Ten slaps … at least.) the following question (I would like to honor the author, but I can't remember him/her, sorry):

Which article did you like best?

And to help you a little, you could browse my archive. And to long this article (I don't like those very short articles) a short statistic of my blogging behaviour:

  • May – Four posts, including this one.
  • March – Fourteen posts.

Alltogether 43 posts with 89 comments within 23 categories. The most used category is Misc.

What else? Maybe the technorati link page. I would like to count the word within my post or something like this, but this isn't possible, as far as I know (with your own wordpress it is). I would love to hear more statistic ideas from you.

For now I have to be off – the French homework lies on my bed and smiles. (I don't like that smile – it's sly and treacherous …)


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