Blogging is pure fun – or how blogging affects your life

In the last day I had severel really enjoyable moments. The all had to deal with blogging or blog articles or bloggers or some side effects of it. Even when I wasn't actually blogging a single entry. :-)

First, another wordpress blogger, William Parry, asked me to join a project with him, something related to AJAX. The interesting thing is, that he lives on the other edge of the world: In New Zealand. I'm really excited to see how this kind of teamwork goes on. In the end, w're just doing a simple project to learn and work with AJAX, but I think I'll learn much more. At least a little project managment, as I worked always with myself before. More, maybe soon (I always write that, got it? But not because I actually mean to do it, but to make you return to this page if you liked any article :D okay, this time I think I really mean it)

(Fuck, fuck, fuck. I just wrote about two more long paragraphs, hit the 'Save and Contine Editing' button and what happened? Well, It loaded a new page – but it was blank. I waited some time then returned to the page before (in hope my test would be there again as it sometimes is), but it was all lost. I'm actually very annoyed (not to say pissed – before I was very content and happy and … which makes me even more angry) with … so what, I'll write it again. Nevertheless that suck, as I had some funny wort games in it (okay, at least I thought they would be funny).)

Okay. Second try. And second (rembember, I started with 'first' above, so I've got to continue with 'second'), not in any order of importance or so, but the time order, I got an ICQ message. First I didn't recognized the sender at all, but then I remembered her again. She had commented on my German blog a few month ago.

How did she found it? Well, she's an exchange student too – and she's also going with YFU to Latvia. Now it's easy to guess how she found it: with google (okay, as I don't want to favor google or advertise for them, maybe it was any other searchengine like yahoo, msn, aol or so – but you must admit, that actually most of the people refer with to google to to use a searchengine. why not, it's much shorter).

(Now, I saved again (not without having hit strg+a and strg+c) and it did save. At least this time.)

On Saturday, she (as I) got mail from YFU, with the date of our departure, the nineteenth of agust. She was striked with a lightning and suddenly remembered my blog, visited it again, took my ICQ number and said hello. We had a very nice talk about YFU and Latvia and all these things we share (I knew much she didn't knew as I talked with an exchange student who was last year in Latvia with YFU***, but she knew even a lot of new information for me).

*** Just as I was writing this, she talked again too me. She had mentioned that she met another exchange student who was in Poland. This guy gave her the ICQ number of my YFU contact person … isn't that strange? The web, the world, just everything is sooo small.

Third, another YFU exchange student from France commented on my blog. She probably googled (yes, yes) for it too. I think that was Saturday too, and as I was already in this excited mood, I decided to write her a mail. Since then, we wrote several mails and talked also via msn. The strange thing is, that she always tried to speak in German and I used French … it was just reversed. But she made a mistake: She mentioned that she speaks English very well. Now I'll talk English as I try to do so with every person I can. But okay, maybe'll make an exception.

The fourth (and finally last thing – how damn long is this blog entry again? This happens usually, I start to blog … and blog … and blog) thing happened today. I wrote about my application for an practical in the summer holidays on my german blog too. And someone else … well, the strange thing is how I got to know him, so I'll tell this first. Nevertheless, I found this guy with GeoURL(some kind of web gps) and read his for some time, because he lives nearby. And then I commented, as you do that. He went to my blog and read it from time to time.

Okay, so he knew that they denied my application because they hadn't enough employees in the summer time (they all have holidays too, I'd suggest). And so he offered me a practical where he works. I thought for a while, mailed back and after all, I applied for it. The great thing is that the area where I'll be (if all fits – but he thinks so) is marketing. Especially the internet marketing part, with their webservers and -sites, tools, scripts, php and so on. That's wonderful. I can't wait to the summer holidays now. It's only for two weeks, but I'm really glad now that Inform declined. 

Holy crap, what weekend (and weekstart). I'm out. Doing homework, school started today. 


10 Responses to “Blogging is pure fun – or how blogging affects your life”

  1. Michael Says:

    Just how many blogs do you actually maintain? This is the third or even the fourth (including the one with the pictures – heheh) I found…

    Practicing English skills is extremely important, especially if you plan to work in IT or even IT marketing. I get not tired to point out that it makes a whole lot of a difference. The English skills do not need to be perfect (though it helps), but being able to communicate via mail or telephone is a valuable asset. Congratulations to your courage to simply start writing in English for the world to read.

    Oh, by the way, it’s usually called “internship”.

  2. Jona Says:

    That's AE, right? Sometimes dictonaries are really confusing, but I'll use it in the future.

    Actually I have this and the german blog for myself, I maintain and contribue to the picture/video blog and I just maintain lesBar. I was an author of the Gamersliving WoW Blog and am still of another, Double Life which isn't on the roll, we should have more authors!

  3. Claire Says:

    I agree to talk in English with you, but NOT all the time, cause I really gotta improve my German, which is really, really bad.
    So ok: once in French, once in English, and once in German, ok? Oh by the way, d’you mind givin me the address (blog and/or mail) of the YFU student who’s in Poland right now?
    Thank you so much!
    And…keep on blogging! :D

  4. Jona Says:

    I surely will ;-)
    The student was in Poland (I think it was 05/06) and I actually don’t know his address nor if he blogs, but I can ask the student who’s going to Latvia with me, she’s got his adress. Or her contact information. But if like to talk with former or future students who were/are going with AFS, give me a bell. I know so many … ;-)

  5. claire Says:

    yeah, I’d really appreciate to talk with YFU/AFS students! whatever their host country may be…
    Well, I’ll continue reading your entries now.
    Bis bald.

  6. Omar Says:

    Yeah AFS/YFU students are very communicative persons. ;)
    It is real fun to see how my friend Jona talks to strange people only because of his blog. Yes he practises his englisch skill very good. And with every article he writes I have to think much longer if i write a comment or not. Perhaps i am a bit jalouse but i’m sure that I am only ashamed of my manner to write English.
    So I stop right here and say bye to other world of blogging. (but only for today) ;}

  7. Jona Says:

    You M********** asshole. It’s always the same … Californiacation ;-) I love you, bro!

  8. William Parry Says:

    Man I always do ctrl+A ctrl+C with or any post I’m doing. Good to see you learned :P.

    I did this German song with my teacher today and had to fix a whole load of pronunciation mistakes. lol. Shows what happens when left to my own devices to learn a foreign song. I even took a course on how to pronounce German, French and Italian. Well it was 2 years ago…

    YFU sounds quite cool.

  9. Jona Says:

    YFU (as AFS too!) is cool. ;-)

  10. n0id online » Blog Archive » My relationship to YFU Says:

    […] Hell, I wanted to make it short. Okay, what I wanted to express is that AFS was active and YFU only sent a letter or questionnaire every now and then. I had two more weekends with AFS, several activities – nothing with YFU. I acted myself and got to know a former and local YFU (&Latvia) exchange student and meet two future 06/07 students online. […]

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