God is a DJ

Amazing, this video

By the way, does anyone know how you can include your videos directly into wordpress? Every piece of code is automatically deleted when I try this.


3 Responses to “God is a DJ”

  1. iskoblog Says:

    hi Jona. i decided to answer straight to here instead of my blog.

    to use embedded video on you blog you need to insert this code:
    for youtube video to … insert the permalink from youtube site.
    for google video and this is where it gets little tricky. from google video, copy and paste the whole url from where it says ’embedded’.paste it somewhere like notepad. now only take the part after ‘http://….’ and copy and paste it to the code.

    if you run into any problems, i’m glad to help.


  2. Jona Says:

    Okay, thanks a lot, as I had absolutely no idea ;-)

  3. iskoblog Says:

    no problem. and you got it to work.

    great video also.


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