I wrote down funny keywords for a while now and as I got nothing else to write about I'll puplish my list. Inclusive my own comments of course.  

blizzard people are assholes

Maybe, indeed. I could have killed at least four or five GameMasters for their stupid behaviour. If you learned nothing at school you would make a good politician. If you were to stupid for that, Blizzard would employ you for sure! 

blizzard, i hate you

How many poeple are out there who dislike Blizzard ? I think most of them have read my article about Blizzard, as there come very often visitors via google with those search terms. 

china town shop online

no, absolutly wrong ;-)

css bulletproof webdesign examples onlin

nearly, nearly!


Yes, only a 't'. I have no idea how you can find n0id online with 't' as a keyword. I searched for t and I had 8.560.000.000 search results. I don't want to know my exact ranking position. It must be at the very end, so why does someone browse all these search results? 


2 Responses to “Keywordfun”

  1. William Parry Says:

    Could have been a smaller search engine? It is interesting looking at keywords aye.

  2. Jona Says:

    Yes, maybe. But I guess no matter which search engine there’re always many search results.

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