Two weeks of holidays. Which means: Sleeping every day until noon, no school & fucking bad teachers nor homework nor learning, having non-stop fun with friends, be lazy as hell, hit on girls, parties & celebration, climbing & snowboarding and so much more. To start, a weekend preparation for the exchange with AFS (observing readers might notice that I go with YFU – indeed, nevertheless I take part in this weekend)! Gsus, that's gonna be fun!


6 Responses to “Holidays!!!”

  1. annette Says:

    “Hit on girls”, aha, I wish you good luck and a lot of sucsess!

  2. williamparry Says:

    “no school & fucking teachers” Even though I am loathe to say it, I think you may want to revise that (try looking at it in another way).

    I too am on a technical holiday!

  3. Jona Says:

    Hm. No, I don’t want to change that. But I may should add, that I don’t mean all teachers. With fucking teachers I mean those who really suck who can’t manage any class, where you just sit around and know you won’t learn anything the whole year. Hmkay, I’ll change it to fucking bad teachers.

  4. williamparry Says:

    Lol ok :).

  5. Claire Says:

    why did you take part in the AFS week end sicne you go with YFU??

  6. Jona Says:

    Because I got to know all these AFS people and after all it was quite fun!!! And consider, besides the first selection meeting and the student from last year I contactet for myself, I never met anyone from YFU. That’s a reason, why I would have prefer to go with AFS still a few month ago. But know I see the advantage: I know already those AFS people and I’ll get to know also the YFU people :-)

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