Myspace: no example for modern webdesign

I just created a myspace blog and had some fun developing my own design. Yes, I had actually fun. Even when the myspace website is everything than a modern, semantic and accessible website, nor has it much Usability. Besides, I don't understand why myspace is so popular, especially in the USA.  

myspace doesn't give a shit about semantic (x)html, the layout is table and blind gif based and the source code makes it in general very hard to work with it.

That's what I wrote on my myspace blog. And that's true. But myspace is a very good example for one advantage of good used CSS: With CSS & HTML one might create a website that is easy to customize and can easily be changed. That would be a great advantage particular for myspace, where you have millions of users creating their own design. With a semantic HTML and better possibilities to use CSS that would be much easier for all of them and maybe the usual myspace custom design would look much better. 


2 Responses to “Myspace: no example for modern webdesign”

  1. williamparry Says:

    That is a cool layout. CSS is fun aye. I am thinking of writing a quick tutorial about horizonal tab navigation using lists. I wonder when CSS 3 will come out. I think IE7 resolves some but not all CSS bugs. Remember browser compatibility!

  2. Jona Says:

    Thanks ;-)
    I’m not that much into writing tutorials, but hey, do it!

    I tested this layout with Firefox and IE, I should install Opera too for future tests and other websites. But I made some recent changes, so some parts look bad with IE. I have to adapt a few things here & there.
    But I don’t feel like changing the font-size things, that’s nearly impossible with myspace.

    I agree, IE7 will change a lot … hopefully ;-)

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