Having fun with CSS

In informatics at school, we're doing now (now is relative – we're doing this subject a few weeks already and wrote the first test I got back today – of course and A+ if that's equal to a 'very good', the best mark in Germany) a nice topic: HTML and soon CSS too. I don't think I'll learn that much and I've stopped wonder me about the ancient webdesign methods we are teached (I like our informatics teacher, but she insist 'on learning the basics first' – I think there are new basic methods used today) as frame or table based webdesign.

Instead of learning only HTML pupils should start with HTML (maybe xhtml) and CSS, so that they are directly walking the right way of webdesign. And I don't try to convince my friends anymore to learn CSS instead of trying to solve bitchy frame layout problems they would'nt have with CSS.

We have the task to create & design an online youth magazine. A friend of mine and me didn't bother about a topic, but we had a nice idea for a layout. And it pleases me more and more. You can have a sneakpreview, but I don't want to tell the ideas we're still trying to implement. And maybe, I'll adept this theme for wordpress too. Would be my first theme, but I like the idea.


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