The next level

I use the English language better and better. I remark it myself, but I have heard it from others too. The only thing is, that I often use a (by the way great) dictionary when I don’t get the word immediately or special words I want to use. The point is, that when I look up a word, I recognize it, because I already know it, but more in a passive way: Would I read this word, I would understand it, only translating German to English is sometimes not that easy. For the future I want to improve my active vocabulary and use less dictionaries.


5 Responses to “The next level”

  1. williamparry Says:

    passiv = passive ;)

  2. Jona Says:

    Okay, thanks. You see, I’m anything but perfect.

  3. Omar Says:

    jona …du kannst mich mal
    dont ask why

  4. Jona Says:

    Junge, wenn du hier nichts besseres zu tun hast, als dumme Kommentare abzulassen, kannst dir auch gleich deinen Finger in den Arsch schieben. Aber bitte sehr tief.

  5. n0id online » Blog Archive » Qualities of speaking Says:

    […] First, my vocabulary is everything than enough to say everything I want. Even when I try not to use dictionaries I often have to. In every case I need much more time to say or write something than I would need in German.  […]

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