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On Monday, I went downtown with a friend after school. We had a purpose, to buy a shisha (or hookah). I don’t want yet to talk about the health aspect – some say it’s more damaging than cigarettes, the others don’t agree and insist on the opposite.

Nevertheless we were looking around for a shop where one could get a simple shisha, inexpensive and the additional stuff as tobacco and coal. We had found an orientalic shop, but first, the most shishas were very expensive and second the vendor was unsympathic. Even when the oriental odors and the smell from (maybe ?) wax candles were glorious.

So, after eating a kebab, we frequented another place we heared about. As we don’t have any specific racial quarters as China Town or something like that, you could nearly imagine you were in the Orient. This small street was filled with little shops on both sides and displayed goods on the pavement. We entered the first shop, as we had seen some waterpipes through the window. They were to tall for our taste, but the owner said that his wife, on the other side of the street has got smaller ones. This shop was the only one that looked like a European one, but inside, everything was empty, except some waterpipes. But we didn’t liked the old woman, so we quit and moved to the last shop, some kind of greengrocery mixed up with a corner shop.

There were two vendors, one talking with a client, we asked the other about waterpipes and prices. He showed us several, standing over the door and on the top of shelfs filled with all types of things, mostly oriental imports. He was directly friendly and explained about his supply of shishas. We went back outside to have a closer view on one directly over the door while the second vendor was buy with a new entered client. The first one, no finished came to us. “Do you speak English ?”, he asked with a funny dialect. I approved, of course. And now, we had a nice talk about all the world and his brother. My friends parents are from Morocco so he understands some basic words in arabien languages. And he said – the vendor, not my friend – (oh shit, I’m fucking proud) that my pronunciation was very good. I was very pleased, first time I’ve heard that. Okay, we got a special offer and bought a shisha. But should we ever need some oriental stuff, we will first check this shop – the people were just so sympathic and friendly. Okay, we’ve got our hookah now, that was the story, grown longer as I had estimated.

But what I really wanted to say, and what the title suggests, is that I love to talk in English, test and use new vocabulary and hear native speakers talking. Yes, so much words for just that short result, but so I am. (I wanted to add something more, but I got a mail and now, five minutes later I forgot it already).


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  1. Omar Says:

    Ja war ein geiler Tag. Schön sehr schön erzählt.
    Ich hätt ja jetzt auch auf Englisch schreiben können. Doch….
    verdammt alda neben dir seh ich bei den englisch arbeiten wie ein kleinkind im 2. Grundschuljahr aus

  2. Jona Says:

    Damn, calm down :-)
    You’re one year in the USA … come back and you’ll see who’s English language skills are better. And don’t write in German in the future, okay ? For this purpose I’ve got a German blog too :P

  3. williamparry Says:

    I think you may benefit from having spaced paragraphs so that when someone approaches your story they aren’t presented with a solid block of text.

    I think your English skills are very good.

  4. Jona Says:

    Thanks for your advise, I always forget that. I added some linebreaks. There’re some older longer stories who would too become more readable with more white space, I’ll edit them too.

    And thank you for your estimation too, I can’t judge that. But I think I need some time abroad to speak English to improve and perfect it.

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