English Theater

I  was invited to acompany a friend to an English theater play, President by Chance. Yesterday evening we were there, it was great. I could understand nearly every word and when I didn’t, it was because I didn’t got it acustically (or later, after the break also as a lack of concentration – I hadn’t eaten anything since around 14:00 and we drunk some sparkling whine. For my empty stomach a little to much). Okay, the actors weren’t professionals nor was their English like a native speaker’s.

Afterwards I remember my first English theater play I attended in school. It was when we had our nice English teacher. They were professionals and mother tongues. I can’t remember much of the play itself (it was about drugs or so), but I still know I understand not that much. It was of course special play for pupils with dialogs written in an easy way. I understand the story, seeing the visually part of the play. But I got only fragments of the dialogs.

So I’m know proud to see I have improved. I could recall the story but I’m a bit short in time, maybe later.


2 Responses to “English Theater”

  1. williamparry Says:

    That’s interesting about you understanding almost all the words. I watched a German Opera last night and had to rely on the subtitles lol.

    I recall learning how Berlioz went to see Shakespeare, didn’t understand the words but enjoyed it anyway.

  2. Jona Says:

    I would suggest an opera and a simple, student made theater are on different levels of comprehension.

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