Some gossip

I could write here about whatever I want. The greatest bullshit I could imagine. Noone cares. At least, noone cares and reads here regularly I know personally . That’s extremly useful when you have one, two or more blogs and not all are visited by your friends. As I said, I could talk bullshit all day long, behave like a swine, literarly burp, blaspheme, pretend to be someone else (maybe that’s what I’m actually doing ;-) ), blame my readers (there aren’t that much anyway) and everything else, just for fun. Of course I don’t need to have a blog like this for doing it. But it helps. To get started, visit this link, my dear readers .


4 Responses to “Some gossip”

  1. williamparry Says:

    You’d be surprised how many people read your blog. I suggest you don’t make personal comments on your friends :).

  2. Jona Says:

    Okay, maybe your right – there might be more readers I personally know than I would estimate. My German Blog is frequently visited by my friends, that is sure. But here – look at the number of comments on the last post, not that much. ;-)

  3. williamparry Says:

    Give it time! You are a good writer and people should visit your blog in the future.

    Try searching for similar blogs you may be interested in and joining in those.

  4. Jona Says:

    Uh, thanks, I feel really honored. As you know, I’m only a German student and I’m still learning English. But Back to topic.
    I don’t miss readers. Every now and then, someone (as you) finds this blog and maybe he comments too. That’s nice and I alwayse enjoy it to read a comment. But I wouldn’t have the time to push my blog up. But indeed, there’s one thing I could do: I always fill in my German blog, when I post a comment on English blogs. But most visitors won’t find anything useful or understandable there. So in future, I will fill the URL to this blog.

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