A Blizzard love/hate-story I

Warcraft III was the first Blizzard game I played and it was great. It was and is fun. Sometimes I still play it over the Battle.net or local network with friends – the game is around four years old but who cares ? I didn’t knew instantly why I love this game. After wondering myself some time I recognized why. The most important fact is the Warcraft universe. The epic (background) story for the campaign. And the possibility to create and edit maps. I spend the most time in playing these fan made maps. The possiblities to implement new game play ideas are endless and so is the distraction. Or the heros, they are a glorious invention and very helpful for any map designer as one can use them very differently. There are much more reasons I can’t describe or I can’t get out of my mind. Fact is, Warcraft III provides fun for ages.

I don’t know any more when the rumors around World of Warcraft became popular. But I know, how much I got into it. A new Warcraft part! The story will go on. And: It would be an online game, a MMORPG. Wow. There were reports in every gaming magazine. The most impressions were like mine. The screenshots were fantastic. At first, I decided I couldn’t play it. I knew I would cost around 15 Euro a month. To expensive. No game for a poor student as me. Nevertheless four friends of mine convinced me to play it. What an imagination: Instead of playing a role playing game alone at home we could play it together. Okay, that was an arguement. I decided to buy it.

Okay, I will split it in severel parts, because I have no time any more. Next part.


3 Responses to “A Blizzard love/hate-story I”

  1. Omar Says:

    thats what i m talking about
    wc3 is real great, if you would have an own key ;)

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