An apple a day keeps the doctor away

I made my final decision: I’m selling a lot of my hardware and other stuff, to buy an apple laptop. At first I thought of an iBook, but now I’m not sure anymore. Maybe it’ll be an iMac. But there’s a still a little problem: Money. Thats why I would like to sell all this stuff. Another point is that I am going to Finnland or Lettland for one year. Now, I would get more money for my hardware than after this year. Even if I didn’t buy my apple computer before I go I would get some money. And of course, I rarely use my two other pcs. I’m actually not sure what components they have got but I will check it in the next weeks. I even don’t know where I should sell this stuff and how. A complete pc ? Only parts ? Over ebay ? At first, I will ask around the neighbourhood, friends or friends of friends. Sure is: One of these apple babies is gonna be mine. :-)


One Response to “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

  1. thehm Says:

    im looking into an apple computer. they are so sleek and sexy.

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