What teachers tell

Yesterday we had a supply teacher for our English lesson. It was an old one I wouldn’t want to have as a regular teacher. By the way our actual English teacher is a bitch. I can say for myself that I have improved my English skills, even not in school. But some others don’t … back to topic. Back to this teacher. I think he’s very stubborn (does that fit ? I don’t know), but he said something I totally agree. He said, one could learn as much as he could in school, but to improve your English, you have to read. Exactly what I am doing! And I see, it’s right. Especially if you got that old bitch I wrote some lines above you would not learn anything at all. I mean, she’s not that bad as a teacher. A few friends, included me, had to do some extra work for punishment. She distributed some newspaper to all of us and we should choose one topic and sum it up. The best English lesson we ever had with her. In usual lessons we do one boring textbook exercise after another. By the way, all school books are boring as hell. I don’t know why some who creates these books can think they were educational. Okay, I drifted totally from this supply teacher, but who cares. I’ll just continue. After all, we only have one genius English teacher at our school I know. At least for lower grades. But I think I mentioned her before. Hm, I should rename this post. But I won’t. Happy weekend, I’m sure I’ll have one.


3 Responses to “What teachers tell”

  1. annette Says:

    What’s going on with your german blog? I see there only a strange message! I know, today is friday the 13ten, but is that the reason for the crash?

  2. Jona Says:

    Nope, should work again. But indeed, I have some other plugin problems. Have you ever had any error messages after posting a comment ????

  3. annette Says:

    Until now, no error messages!

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