At first, I was disappointed that you have any possibility to use a plugin or any other themes you might like. I am pluginaddicted and I really like to optimize and to tweak my template. But today (yes, I realized that’s friday the 13th) I had (and still have, I yet didn’t solve them) some problems with wordpress plugins. And I realized that it is great you’ll never have any problems with these wordpress hosted blogs. They just work, work and work.


2 Responses to “Plugins”

  1. thehm Says:

    Im kinda annoyed that you really have no way to customize and I am not willing to buy a right now…maybe if my blog stats go up…hmmm :S

  2. Jona Says:

    Okay, customizing your template is something different, it would be great if you were able to edit at least the css-file. But buy your ? Isn’t WordPress totally free ? You only have to find a host providing a database and PHP.

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