French vs. English

I don’t like french. At this moment, I should learn French for tomorrow instead of typing this entry. So what. I learned French for six years now. English only for 4 years. Still, I speak much better English as French. I don’t know why. It just happened to be this way. I can only imagine why, but I think it’s in fact the reason. First, I only spoke French two or three times on vacation and on two student exchanges (if you don’t count school lessons).  I never met anyone I spoke French with anywhere else. English is everywhere. People you meet usually speak English. Most bad film copies are in English too. I started to read English books with a Harry Potter novel some time ago, now half of my readed books are in English. Actually, I read Dune. But most important: The web is English. English isn’t anymore the most spoken language in the world, because of some great asian populations or so, but it’s the unofficial language of the web. People all around the world who communicate over the web use English. So I do. But I’m anything else but perfect. That’s a reason too, why I started this blog. To improve my English, because I think that’ll be very important to all whose future has something to do with web. And my future propably will. Talking a bit French is a nice side effect of school, nothing more. But I don’t think, I learned my English at school. Anywhere else I did. But I am very thankful to my first English teacher. Now, I really should continue learning French.


2 Responses to “French vs. English”

  1. Omar Says:

    oh my gott was did du write da ??

  2. Jona Says:

    He du kleiner Hurensohn, was soll das ?

    Seriously, my friend, I write only english here. So write your comments in English too or fuck off.

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