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I just spotted the Blog Stats Page. It’s incredibly great! Oh yes, I couldn’t believe it at first. It’s  just … i can’t describe it. A graph, reports over links, how many visitors came over this referring link, and of course they don’t count your visits…. I’ve usually some statistic tools to report my visitor count, page impressions and so on. But the implementation of some Stats in WordPress itself is unbelievable. WordPress developer I love you all! Even if I am male and most of you are propably male to.


6 Responses to “Blog Stats”

  1. thehm Says:

    I love the blog stat counter aswell! Its really nifty to have!

  2. n0id Says:

    Oh, nice I thought this blog would be unseen for ages :-)

  3. thehm Says:

    Unseen!?! Not on wordpress

  4. Jona Says:

    Okay, I believe you, but only because of this statistic tool. But where do they come from ? I didn’t found any kind of links to new blogs or something on …

  5. thehm Says:

    Well if you see with blog stats…they come from differnet places. I saw your blog on the bottom of the dashboard, it has the hot blog topics…and then a section below that for recently updated blogs…

  6. Jona Says:

    Okay, thanks. I didn’t paid any attention to the dashboard, because when you host your own wordpress blog, the dashbord is different and the only interesting thing is the extract from the wordpress developer blog at the top of it.

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